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Who’s the best personal injury lawyer Woonsocket Rhode Island really trusts and knows?

best personal injury lawyer Woonsocket What The Best Personal Injury Lawyer Woonsocket and Water Have In Common What The Best Personal Injury Lawyer Woonsocket and Water Have In Common best personal injury lawyer WoonsocketIn Woonsocket, it’s all about the water.

Although the Blackstone River of today may not appear to be the great economic driver it once was – it was single-handedly responsible for Woonsocket’s great rise to industrial power in the mid-19th century.

Yes, its true.

Woonsocket and the Power of Water

Woonsocket Falls Village was first founded in the 1820s and was soon to become an economic marvel.

As the Industrial Revolution expanded throughout the Unites States, so did Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

Powered by the major advances in technology as well as those from the creative use of natural resources to power the machinery that drove the Industrial Revolution, both Pawtucket and Woonsocket had a major asset in the fast flowing Blackstone River.

With the Blackstone providing ample water power, the city of Woonsocket, as well as Pawtucket and Central Falls, became ground zero for the expansion of industry – most notably the textile industry. Major textile mills popped up everywhere along the Blackstone, all powered by the natural resource of flowing water provided by the Blackstone River.

Woonsocket consolidated its power in 1867 by consolidating the three villages of Woonsocket Falls, Social and Jenckesville, all three becoming a permanent part of the town of Woonsocket.

In 1871, Woonsocket grew again. Adding three additional industrial villages in Smithfield, Hamlet, Bernon and Globe adding to its boundaries and currently establishing its current town limits.

As Woonsocket grew in size, so did its status as the pre-eminent textile producing town in all of New England.

However…it did not last.

Fortunes Change for Woonsocket

In 1929, Woonsocket’s fortunes changed…dramatically.

After fifty plus years of expansion and economic prosperity, the Great Depression hit Woonsocket, perhaps even worse than many other industrialized cities and towns across the United States. In fact, the Great Depression hit Woonsocket so hard that the local textile industry closed.

Woonsocket sank into the depths of despair when suddenly over 25% of its work force was out of work. Crime took over the city and people felt desperate and victimized by economic events beyond their control.

Perhaps this is just how you feel if you’ve suffered a personal injury at the hand of another person; desperate and helpless, completely victimized by situations beyond your control.

Unlike the victims of the Great Depression in Woonsocket, there’s something you CAN do about it.

Best Personal Injury Lawyer Woonsocket and You

If you’ve suffered a personal injury due to another person’s negligence – whether you’re the victim of a slip and fall on someone else’s property, a car accident where you were not at fault or a case of medical malpractice from one of Woonsocket’s’ hospitals, unlike the unfortunate victims of the Great Depression, you do in fact have options.

And those options include enlisting the services of a personal injury lawyer Woonsocket residents know will fight for you and for your rights – no matter how down and out you may feel.

When we successfully obtain a settlement for you, we take a small portion of that amount as our fee. This is called contingency.

You never write a check to us to pay us for our services. The guilty party or their insurance company pays us, not you.

The best part is that if for whatever reason, we are not successful (which won’t happen if we take on your case), there is no fee and you owe us nothing.

Yes, nothing.

Woonsocket Rhode Island…The Revival

After the Great Depression, the city of Woonsocket’s fortunes were revived during World War Two.

Rebounding from the Great Depression, Woonsocket once again became the center of fabric manufacturing for the war effort – once again powered by the mighty Blackstone River.

And even in the years after World War 2, the Woonsocket economy became a mix of manufacturing, retail, financial services and technology that still exists today.

So Who Is the Best Personal Injury Lawyer Woonsocket RI?

Woonsocket dug itself out of the great depths of the Great Depression with some help. That help came with the economic boom that resulted from the Second World War

If you’re down and need just a little help to get you back on your feet as well – especially if its due to a personal injury, then you need to get help. Simply contact the personal injury attorney Woonsocket trusts most to handle their personal injury claims.

Not only do we know the history and the people of Woonsocket, Rhode Island, but we’re conveniently located in Woonsocket at 1028 Park Avenue Suite 103.

We are here for you in Woonsocket and as your Woonsocket personal injury lawyers. And even if you haven’t suffered through the Great Depression, we are here to help you get back on your feet. Well help navigate through your own gauntlet of laws, paperwork, health insurance companies and medical bills – all of which can really get you down.

But most importantly, we are here to win your case for you.

Call us locally in Woonsocket at 1-401-766-9000, or simply fill out our contact form. We’re here to help.