Cape Cod Car Accident Lawyer News | Sandwich Man Trapped for 3 Hours

cape cod car accident lawyer trapped Cape Cod Car Accident Lawyer News | Sandwich Man Trapped for 3 Hours Cape Cod Car Accident Lawyer News | Sandwich Man Trapped for 3 Hours capeIn Cape Cod car accident lawyer news, a pickup truck driven by a Sandwich man crashed into a telephone pole late Saturday night in Sandwich, leaving the passenger trapped in the truck for almost three hours.

Dangling wires encircling the truck made the rescue extremely difficult, according to the Sandwich Fire Department.

Although the passenger was trapped for three hours, the driver in the truck was rescued quickly.

Sandwich police reported that the pickup truck was traveling at a high rate of speed on Main Street when it struck the telephone pole.

Local police responded to the car accident at 11 PM where they found the wrecked vehicle.

Horrific Cape Cod Car Accident “Wrapped Around Pole”

Firefighters found the pickup truck literally “wrapped around the telephone pole” according to witnesses at the scene of the accident.

According to Sandwich fire captain Scott F. Ames, “The top of the pole was being suspended with the service wires, hanging low near the vehicle.”

Ames reported that although firefighters rescued the driver within 10 minutes, due to the threat of electrocution due to the downed electrical wires the passenger was trapped for nearly three hours.

Captain Ames said this car accident was the long­est rescue he has ever worked on.

Ames is convinced that excessive speed was a causative factor in the car accident.

Cape Cod Car Accident Victims Revealed

Sandwich police identified the driver as Kevin Dearing Mcgee, 29, of Forestdale, and the passenger as Daniel Evan Connolly, 29, of Sandwich.

Mr. Mcgee was taken to South Shore Hospital and although he suffered severe injuries, they were not life-threatening.

Due to the severity of the crash, NStar was forced to cut off the grid for that area of Sandwich.

Connolly sustained severe but not life-threatening injuries and was medflighted to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center for treatment.

Cape Cod Car Accident Lawyer Advice For You…

Car accidents in Cape Cod are all too common especially when you add in speed and bad weather. So remember to wear your seat-belt at allt imes which can minimize your injuries if you are in a car accident.

Even if you’ve been injured in a car accident and don’t want to seek medical treatment, you should to be safe. Oftentimes after car accidents, injuries don’t appear for weeks.

This is why it’s so important to go to your doctor or the Emergency Room, even if you have minor bumps or bruises.

And of course, if you’ve been injured in a car accident and are not at fault, contact a Cape Cod car accident attorney who knows both Cape Cod as well as one who knows car accident personal injury law.

Many people feel they don’t need the assistance of a car accident attorney even in minor cases. However, its best to speak with a personal injury lawyer, especially if your insurance company is giving you the run around.

If I’m Injured, Do Call A Cape Cod Car Accident Attorney First?

If you are in a car accident, especially severely injured, get medical treatment first and foremost.

As soon as you’ve been treated, call a car accident lawyer who can help you to get coverage for your injuries from either your insurance company or that of the guilty party.

Remember that on Cape Cod, local and national insurance companies don’t want to pay claims. They want to keep their money and not give you what you deserve in most cases.

Contact a Cape Cod car accident lawyer firm like ours and protect your rights as a consumer.

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