Cape Cod Personal Injury Attorney Facts | The SHOCKING Truth on Insurance Companies

cape cod personal injury attorney shocking Cape Cod Personal Injury Attorney Facts | The SHOCKING Truth on Insurance Companies Cape Cod Personal Injury Attorney Facts | The SHOCKING Truth on Insurance Companies cape cod personal injury attorneyAlthough we serve Rhode Island and all of Massachusetts, as a Cape Cod personal injury attorney, a question we get frequently from our Cape Cod clients is:

Just exactly how do insurance companies work?

If you’ve been injured in an accident of any kind and before you enlist the services of a Cape Cod personal injury lawyer, do first things first: seek medical attention.

Then second, call the police.

By getting a third party like the police to verify the facts of the incident, you immediately set yourself up for success should you pursue a personal injury claim.

If you’re completely incapacitated and cannot call the police, then seek medical assistance immediately and have someone else you know contact the police.

The Cape Cod Personal Injury Attorney Big Mistake…

For most people, after they seek medical treatment though, they make a big mistake….they call their insurance company.

Big mistake.

Although they may seem like very nice people, insurance adjusters have zero obligation to tell you your legal rights and often times may mislead you to think that they’re on your side.

The truth is that insurance adjusters do their very best to exploit this lack of knowledge.

Regardless of the cause of the personal injury, most people who are injured in an accident have no idea with regard to their legal rights, nor do they have the foggiest idea with regard to the value of their claim.

Insurance adjusters know this and are hired by insurance companies to exploit this ignorance.

And usually, because of their pleasant, friendly demeanor; this misleads claimants into thinking that they’re working on their behalf…when they are not.

Call a Cape Cod Car Accident Lawyer Next

Sure, the insurance adjuster might actually be a nice person…but don’t be deceived…they are not working on your behalf!

They are working for their employer, namely the insurance company. And it’s their job to pay out as little as possible to you – as well as find ways to not give you any money, if at all possible.

Their hope is to pay a small amount and then hope you simply go away so you can keep paying your monthly or annual premiums.

This may sound harsh, but it is true…

Insurance companies are extremely adept at painting the picture of being friendly, approachable and caring.

Just look at their commercials: the friendly and humorous “Flo” at Progressive, the AFLAC duck, the “get Allstate Stan” spokesman…advertising campaigns cleverly designed by Madison Avenue to make you feel that the insurance company is actually “on your side”.

It’s brilliant marketing, extremely effective in keeping claim amounts low…and even more effective in keeping unwitting consumers in the dark.

Who To Contact for Your Personal Injury Case

If you have been injured in Cape Cod, or know anyone you know has been injured in Cape Cod, Massachusetts or Rhode Island, the bottom line is this: first seek medical attention.

After your full medical evaluation, contact a Cape Cod personal injury lawyer who knows the Cape, the courts on Cape Cod and all the Cape Cod insurance companies by name like Commerce, travelers, Arbella, Plymouth Rock, Allstate, Geico… The list goes on. We know them all.

No matter the kind of personal injury case from car accidents on Cape Cod to wrongful death, we have handled them all and have been able to get some very substantial judgements for our clients.

Contact us when you are injured on Cape Cod.

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