Cranston Slip and Fall Lawyer Admires the Perseverance of the Historical Edgewood Yacht Club

A historical Rhode Island landmark is recognized by this Cranston slip and fall lawyer.

Cranston Slip and Fall Lawyer Cranston Slip and Fall Lawyer Admires the Perseverance of the Historical Edgewood Yacht Club Cranston Slip and Fall Lawyer Admires the Perseverance of the Historical Edgewood Yacht Club Cranston Slip and Fall LawyerDid you know that Cranston is one of the most historical towns in Rhode Island?

As a Cranston slip and fall lawyer I never knew that Cranston is the home of sixteen locations nationally recognized and listed by the National and State Register of Historic Places.

Just a few of these historic sites include the Governor Sprague Mansion, Pawtuxet Village, Oaklawn Village, and the historical Edgewood Yacht Club.

All of these locations are unique in their own way. But the Edgewood Yacht club is particularly captivating because of it’s ability to withstand treacherous weather and fight back from extreme adversity…time and time again.

The Edgewood Yacht Club: A Rhode Island Icon

Located at 3 Shaw Avenue in Cranston, Rhode Island is the historical yacht club whose spirit held on during the toughest of times. The yacht club was added to the National Register of Historical Places on February 23, 1988 and was originally called “The Edgewood Boat Club”.

The club was organized in 1885 by a group of families who built bath houses on the waterfront. It later was founded as The Edgewood Yacht Club in 1889 when an official boathouse was built.

This large and magnificent shingle style yacht club was constructed on one hundred thirty-two pilings over the Providence River. The Clubhouse features a second floor ballroom, water-facing porches, and along dock that took members out to their slips.

But tragically, just six years after it was built, an enormous fire enveloped and destroyed the original building. Due to the strength and perseverance of the club members, the structure was rebuilt the very same year.

Cranston Slip and Fall Lawyers and The  Edgewood Yacht Club: Weathering The Storm

If the original fire that destroyed the first construction wasn’t enough, the yacht club would also face a number of hurricanes in its lifetime.

The building withstood a terrible hurricane in 1938 as well as one of the most serious storms in Rhode Island history in 1954.

The hurricane of ’54 caused substantial damage to the pilings, docks, and marina slips. The entire first floor of the club was flooded by seawater and destroyed by the hurricane-grade gale force winds.

Yet Another Blow For The Edgewood Yacht Club

As a Cranston slip and fall lawyer who’s seen his fair share of tragedy,  it’s even hard for me to believe the series of unfortunate events that the EYC faced.

The Club would see a second devastating fire in January of 2011. The fire started in the walls of the structure during a snowstorm with tough winds making the fire worse. Even with the admirable efforts of the fire crews from Cranston and several other surrounding cities in the area, the main clubhouse could  not be saved.

The Edgewood Rebuilds…

Although no one was injured in the fire, the docks and slips remain and are still in use today.

Remarkably, despite the many tragedies that have befallen it, club officers say they still plan to rebuild…again.

The spirit of the yacht club that keeps on living is inspiring to us all; Cranston and Rhode Island residents alike. This building certainly has seen its share of adversity while enduring two hurricanes and two fires when most clubs like it would likely throw in the towel.

Chock full of history, the joy that this club brought to its members is so unforgettable and lasting that not even Mother Nature herself could take that away.

Best Slip and Fall Attorney Cranston RI and You

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Falls are one of the leading causes of unintentional injuries in the United States, accounting for approximately 8.9 million visits to the emergency department annually. (NSC Injury Facts 2011)

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Call a Cranston RI Personal Injury Attorney Who Knows Slip and Falls

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