Massachusetts Car Accident Attorney | Traveling With Pets

The best Massachusetts car accident attorney informs you of the safest way to travel with your pets to avoid accidents and what to bring to keep everyone in the car content.

Massachusetts Car Accident Attorney | Traveling With Pets Massachusetts Car Accident Attorney | Traveling With Pets Massachusetts Car Accident Attorney | Traveling With Pets Massachusetts Car Accident Attorney Traveling With Pets

Planning a week away?

Whatever you may have planned for the rest of the summer, do not leave your pets out of the fun!

Bringing pets on a long car ride tends to be a little unnerving.

As a Massachusetts car accident attorney I know that if you take a little time to prepare it can be both safe and fun for everyone.

Get Your Car Ready

The best way to prepare your car for a trip with pets is to make a check list of things you need for your car or truck to be safe for everyone riding. Here are a few things to consider; A pet safety kit, seat covers/hammocks, and pet carriers.

Any pet store, vet office, or animal advocacy group carries a pet safety kit. If you can’t find one there you can easily make one of your own.

The kit should have bandages, gloves, and antibiotic ointment. Other things to include could be blankets, tweezers, rubbing alcohol and peroxide, an eye-dropper or syringe, and any special medications your pet may need.

This may seem a little excessive even to a Massachusetts car accident attorney… but having a safety kit can put any pet owner who is nervous about the long ride at ease.

Seat covers or hammocks are great for protecting your seats from dirty paws or any potential accidents. They also help prevent your furry friend from venturing his way up front.

Pet carriers are completely necessary for the safety of your pet. Dogs and cats do not have the ability to brace themselves like we do during curvy roads and abrupt changes of speed.

Preparing Your Pet

After you have prepared your car make sure your pet is ready too. Are the harness/collar and leash in good shape?

Is the name, address, and contact information clearly visible on the tag?

Does your pet have a microchip? Getting a microchip for your pet is a relatively quick and easy procedure. It is really worth while and far more reliable than a dog tag when it comes to keeping your pet safely by your side.

Be sure that your dog has been in the car before and is not used to the experience.

Lastly, wait 2 or 3 hours after your pet eats before you hit the road. This can prevent the carsickness that pets commonly experience.

Massachusetts Car Accident Attorney | Further Preparations

Sometimes being overly prepared is the only way to truly relax on a vacation. If you want to prepare even more than the duties above here are a few extra items to bring.

Waste disposal bags. Let’s be honest- the last thing you want to worry about is a mess from our pets. Reuse plastic grocery bags or purchase waste bags from the pet store.

Food and water. You can never have enough for your furry friend and don’t forget their food bowls.

State Laws On Pet Restraint

In the car your pet should always be restrained. This is for your pet’s safety AND yours.

You may think your pet is very well behaves but when pets are unrestrained pets can be a real risk for distraction or injury. Every state has it’s own rules for restraining pets in the car.

To meet the specific requirements you might want to consider a few additional accessories.

For small pets such as hamsters, birds, or snakes, keep them in their cage during the ride to keep them safe and calm. For larger pets a crate works best especially in a larger vehicle like an SUV.

And of course, before you head out check your states laws for restraining pets in the car.

Massachusetts Car Accident Attorney | Closing Comments

Consider these tips so your pet can enjoy the ride with no worries and the wind in his fur.

Many people find themselves in a car accident because their pet is distracting them from the road.

Don’t let this be you.

If you have been a victim of any car accident, you may need a car accident lawyer.

Car accident cases can be complicated and confusing, but trust an experienced professional to help you tackle your case.

Don’t suffer alone, call us at the Kevin P Landry Law Offices for a free initial consultation.


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