Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Attorney FAQ

A skilled Massachusetts motorcycle accident attorney answers some of the frequently asked questions about motorcycle accident cases.

Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Attorney FAQ Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Attorney FAQ Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Attorney FAQ Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Attorney FAQMotorcycle accidents are slightly different from other automobile accidents.

Clients often come to me with questions following an accident.

I know how confusing it can get, especially if you have never been in an accident like this.

I am always available to discuss anything you need to know about your motorcycle accident.

Do Motorcycle Accident Cases Have Special Considerations?

Motorcycle accidents and automobile accidents are different in a number of ways.

As a Massachusetts motorcycle accident attorney I think the most significant difference is that many motorcycle accident cases have serious injuries.

The biker often has trouble remembering the accident because of his or her injuries. This is why it is important to have an investigation as quickly as possible following the accident.

 Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Attorney | Do I Have Right To Payment For A Rental Vehicle?

Yes, you do. But only for a reasonable time while your bike is being repaired. If your motorcycle is completely destroyed in the accident, your right to a rental is usually terminated when payment for your ruined bike is made.

Typically, payment for a rental comes from the responsible drivers insurance policy. Before you line up a rental vehicle, be sure that you have agreed upon the details with the insurer that will be paying.

Who Handles Medical Expenses In A Motorcycle Accident Case?

Motorcycle insurance is different from car insurance. Unlike car insurance, there is normally no coverage for medical expenses. Because of this, health insurance must be identified as soon as possible.

I Had To Miss Work Because Of My Injuries, Can I Be Reimbursed?

Motorcycle policies rarely include wage loss benefits. One alternative may be disability insurance. But if not, be sure to include earnings lost in the claim against the driver who caused the accident.

Can I Handle The Claim On My Own?

Insurance companies are always delighted when you try to negotiate personal injury claims on your own. Insurers are happy to have the opportunity to use their resources and experience to settle these cases for a fraction of their true worth.

When insurance companies deal with an unrepresented individual, the playing field is not fair. You could try to handle your case on your own, but you probably won’t be happy with your results.

Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Attorney | Do I Give A Recorded Statement?

The insurance of the driver responsible for the accident may want a recorded statement, which they will try to use against you later on.

Don’t forget that you are dealing with trained insurance professionals who have dealt with thousands of claims like yours.

If asked to make a recorded statement you should refuse to do so with the help of a Massachusetts motorcycle accident attorney.

Closing Comments

If you have been in a motorcycle accident you should immediately seek medical help. After doing so, call an experienced Massachusetts motorcycle accident attorney.

A Massachusetts motorcycle accident attorney can deal with all of the difficulties of your case including hospitals, insurance companies, and the other party’s lawyers.

With our help you can focus on what is important, recovery.

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