Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Lawyer | FAQ

A knowledgeable Massachusetts motorcycle accident lawyer answers your most important questions about motorcycle accidents.

Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Lawyer | FAQ Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Lawyer | FAQ Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Lawyer | FAQ Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Lawyer FAQMotorcycle accident cases are difficult and complex when you do not have someone helping you every step of the way.

As a Massachusetts motorcycle accident lawyer I am asked a lot of questions about motorcycle accidents.

If you have been in a motorcycle accident, here are some frequently asked questions that are worth reading.

The answers to these questions should give you a basic understanding to your accident and what to do to move forward.

The Facts | How Often In The U.S. Are People Killed Or Injured In Motorcycle Accidents?

Out of all of the motorcycle accidents that happen in the U.S., 80% of the riders suffer from injury or death. This is an enormous number.

Included in this shocking number are the approximate two thousand riders who die every year in motorcycle accidents. To top it off, there is an astounding 50,000 who suffer from injuries from motorcycle accidents.

Play It Safe | What Are The Ways I Can Protect Myself?

There are countless laws in the United States that force motorcyclists to wear their protective gear such as a helmet. Not only this, but other states have additional regulations of their own to further promote the wearing of helmets and other protective gear.

Each state is different, so check with the authorities of your state as to what is necessary to wear when riding a motorcycle. These laws were implemented to keep you safe so it is vital that you follow them.

Not only for safety, you will keep yourself out of trouble with the law by following the speed limit.

The second most important way to protect yourself on a motorcycle is to simply stay aware of the law on the roads. Speed limit signs are also there for your safety.

Use caution and follow these speeds. As thrilling as it is to become a speed demon, you are breaking the law by going over the speed limit and also putting yourself or another person in danger.

Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Lawyer | I Have Been In An Accident That Was Not My Fault, What Do I Do?

Motorcycles are more vulnerable to being hit than any other vehicle out there. This is for several reasons. Bikes are sometimes harder to see because they are smaller, even more so for the drivers of larger SUVs, trucks, or buses. This is the cause for many motorcycle accidents that aren’t the fault of the motorcyclist. There are also many other causes for these types of accidents. After you seek medical assistance, be sure to get the insurance information of the other driver and then seek legal help. You are very likely to be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

What Can A Massachusetts Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Do For Me?

There are many lawyers out there who have a lot of knowledge and expertise. But at the Kevin P Landry Law Offices, we have been dealing with these cases for decades. A lawyer has specialized knowledge and skill that will increase your chances of receiving compensation.

We can put together a very solid case to get you what you are entitled to. We know that injuries occur in all types of motorcycle accidents, even the minor ones.

Focus on your recovery and let us deal with the hospitals, insurance companies, and the other parties lawyers on your behalf.

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