Meningitis Attorney News | Meningitis Outbreak Infections and Death Numbers

As a meningitis attorney in Massachusetts, I’ve been getting lots of questions on the meningitis outbreak, especially from our Massachusetts clients.

With an outbreak of this magnitude, people are confused as to what they should be doing first and if they should seek the legal counsel of a meningitis attorney.

As you can see from this graphic below, there is certainly cause for concern:
meningitis attorney graph Meningitis Attorney News | Meningitis Outbreak Infections and Death Numbers Meningitis Attorney News | Meningitis Outbreak Infections and Death Numbers meningitis attorney graph

How Do I Know If I Am Infected With Meningitis?

The major symptoms of meningitis are as follows:

  • High fever
  • Drowsiness
  • Confusion
  • Headaches
  • Seizures
  • Vomiting
  • Irritability
  • Loss of appetite
  • Stiff neck
  • Sensitivity to light

High fever is typically one of the first symptoms to watch for, but many other ailments and diseases present with these symptoms.

Only a qualified medical practitioner can make a strong differential diagnosis of meningitis.

Who’s Liable for The Meningitis Outbreak?

The company that manufactured the vials of tainted medicine are certainly liable. However, as was reported this week, The New England Compounding Center is likely to declare bankruptcy to protect itself in the event of major meningitis lawsuits.

Regardless of this fact, physicians and hospitals that may have missed the diagnosis or did not treat adequately the symptoms are potentially liable as well.

To really know what to do next, the victim needs to seek the advice of a meningitis attorney.

As with most cases of medical malpractice, a personal injury lawyer would need to examine all the facts in the case and assess where the liability is, if any.

This is done by carefully reviewing the patient’s medical records and doing thorough research into the nature of the meningitis case.

Not only is seeking medical treatment vitally important to you from a health standpoint, but it’s important from a legal perspective as well.

Should a claim be submitted, accurate and timely medical diagnosis and treatment records become very important to the case. So if you feel you may have been infected, seek medical attention right away.

Don’t delay.

Do I Need a Meningitis Attorney If I’m Infected?

You certainly may need a meningitis attorney who is well versed in all forms of medical malpractice – should be a victim of this unprecedented meningitis outbreak.

But as stated before, to know if you need help, your first step is to contact an attorney first.

The meningitis attorneys at Kevin P Landry Law Offices have years of experience dealing with medical malpractice issues and have recovered substantial sums for people whose doctors failed to diagnose and/or treat symptoms of meningitis properly

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