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Motorcycle accident attorney Providence RI covers the Ride For Kids organization and the charitable work that they do.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Providence RI Motorcycle Accident Attorney Providence RI | Ride For Kids Motorcycle Accident Attorney Providence RI | Ride For Kids Motorcycle Accident Attorney Providence RI As a motorcycle accident attorney Providence RI trusts to help them most when they are in need, it warms my heart to hear of organizations that help others as well.

There are so many foundations that do great work for causes, but I stumbled on The Ride For Kids group recently and felt a connection with them.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Providence RI | The Ride For Kids Mission

I came across this group in the news for their recent work raising $149,000 for children. Ride For Kids is a national organization that organizes numerous motorcycle rides to support the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

As a motorcycle accident attorney Providence RI, I respect their mission to reduce the struggles of brain tumors during childhood. To do this they organize their events aiming to raise as much money as they can to fund the medical research needed and family supported programs.

Brain tumors are painfully common with about 28,000 people in the U.S. are living with the diagnosis of a pediatric brain tumor and 11 more children being diagnosed daily.

 30 Years Of Awareness And Raising Funds

Ride For Kids first started in 1984. At this time, getting diagnosed with a childhood brain tumor was seen as an immediate death sentence. But there was a minimal amount of research being done with this disease.

Treatments that children had to undergo were not effective and tough, and sadly most of these kids did not live to adulthood. Since then, motorcycle riders have been able to immensely help the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation to change this fact. The work by Ride For Kids has allowed the PBTF to be the largest non-governmental funders of pediatric brain tumor research, wow.

Some amazing work has been done including the development of new and more effective treatments and the offering of college scholarships to survivors of brain tumors. Ride For Kids celebrates it’s 30th anniversary.

It’s amazing how their efforts over the last 30 years have done so much good for so many kids.

Ride For Kids | Their Work Today

The rides that Ride For Kids organizes are fun-filled and family friendly. These rides are featured in more than forty cities in the United States. There is a lot going on at these events but perhaps the most touching part is the touching stories told by local brain tumor survivors and their family members.

At two of the most recent events there were seven young brain tumor survivors. Ride For Kids traveled south on May 19th visiting Louisiana and Tennessee. They were able to successfully raise $149,000 for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. “We have to find out what is driving the tumor; find a medicine that will inhibit that specific tumor.

When we can do that, we can stop the growth,” said Dr. Adam Esbenshade a pediatric hematology/oncology specialist, who attended the Middle Tennessee ride. “You are funding real people, making real progress” he said.

There is still time to donate to the Louisiana and Tennessee events, they will be collecting online through June 19. But more importantly, Ride For Kids has planned a New England event for this summer.

The event will be held at Tantasqua Regional High School in Fiskdale, MA on August 18th. Although it’s not until August, it is very exciting and this Motorcycle Accident Attorney Providence RI encourages you to sign up and see what this group is all about.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Providence RI |We Can Help

I believe that motorcycle riders get a bit of a bad reputation at times.

This group is the perfect example of how much good motorcyclists do for our community. I have learned about so many great motorcycle groups recently and it further supports my attitude towards riders. Perhaps this is why I enjoy helping my motorcycle accident clients so much.  I truly know a great deal about motorcycling and those accident cases.

As a motorcycle accident attorney Providence RI has thankfully trusted to handle their cases over the course of the last twenty-plus years, I have the experience under my belt to have complete confidence with your case.

I know exactly how to navigate the Rhode Island court system, as well as what you are entitled to as a motorcyclist.

If you are having trouble, talk to someone who can truly help you out and win your case. Contact us today or simply fill out a contact form.

Let us handle it. We are here to help.

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