What You Need to Know About Bicycle Accidents in Massachusetts

Bicycle accidents are actually quite common in the Plymouth area. If you are involved in a bicycle accident, and you were not the cause, you should consider contacting a Plymouth MA bicycle accident lawyer. Read on to learn why…

Plymouth MA bicycle accident lawyer What You Need to Know About Bicycle Accidents in Massachusetts What You Need to Know About Bicycle Accidents in Massachusetts Plymouth MA bicycle accident lawyerMany people do not realize this, but bicycle accidents happen a lot more in Plymouth, Massachusetts than they realize. In fact, in the entire country as a whole, a little over one million young children, and even adults, are injured in some fashion in a bicycle related incident. What is even scarier is the fact that every six hours in the United States, a bicycle incident with a fatality occurs. If you, or a loved one is injured or killed in a bicycle accident, and you are in the Plymouth, Massachusetts area, you should seriously consider contacting a Plymouth MA bicycle accident lawyer immediately, and get the compensation that you and your family deserve.

Bicycles and Motor Vehicles

A bicycle accident that causes an injury or death does not always have to involve an automotive vehicle, but according to an experienced Plymouth MA bicycle accident lawyer, a majority of bicycle accidents DO involve a motor vehicle in some way or fashion.

When a person is driving a car, generally, they will be keeping their eye out for other cars and trucks on the road. A lot of the accidents that take place with motor vehicles and bicycles happen because the driver of the vehicle is simply not looking for a bicycle, they are looking for other vehicles. As a result, the driver of the car or truck will pull out of their driveway or an intersection and hit a bicyclist.

Also, in Massachusetts, a very popular place to go bike riding, a lot of accidents happen when a person opens their car door on the street, hitting a cyclist as a result. The cyclist hitting this door will usually go flying into oncoming traffic, or it will make them hit the ground very hard, causing very serious injuries, and sometimes even death.

As the driver of a motor vehicle, you need to make sure that you are just as cautious when it comes to looking out for bicyclists as you are when you are looking out for other vehicles and people.

Why a Plymouth MA Bicycle Accident Lawyer Takes This Subject Seriously

A Plymouth MA bicycle accident lawyer treats bicycle incidences very seriously because a bike rider can suffer some really serious damage if they are involved in a biking accident. These injuries are a lot more serious because a bike rider usually does not have the same amount of protection that other modes of transportation have. On most bicycles, the only protection and/or warning the bike can provide cars are the shiny reflectors on the front and rear of the bike. Other than those reflectors, it can sometimes be quite difficult to spot a fast moving bike, especially at night.

Though it is difficult to spot, as the driver of a motor vehicle, you are still responsible for being aware of bikes in your vicinity. If a motor vehicle driver causes a biking accident, then they are going to be held responsible. If you are a cyclist, and you were injured by a driver’s negligence, it is at that point that you need to contact a Plymouth MA bicycle accident lawyer.

Common Bicycle Accident Injuries

This past year in Massachusetts, over 5,000 separate bicycle accidents were reported. Out of those 5,000, about 75 of those accidents had fatal results.

There are a lot of different injuries that you can be inflicted with during a biking accident. Some of these injuries include (but are not limited to):

  • Suffering a concussion, or a head injury of any fashion.
  • Fracturing or breaking a bone in your body.
  • Injuring your spinal cord or bones in your neck, possible causing paralysis.
  • Losing the vital function of a body organ.
  • Becoming physically disfigured in some fashion.
  • An impairment of your mental and/or physical health.

Contacting a Plymouth MA Bicycle Accident Lawyer Today

If you were injured in a biking incident because of another person’s negligence, or if a loved one was killed by another person’s negligence in a biking accident, then you may possible be entitled to a financial compensation for your pain and suffering.

If this is the case, you need to make sure that you submit an accident report to the police ASAP. This accident report will provide any and all specific details that are needed to get you and compensation that you deserve. This accident report should be submitted to the authorities within ten days of the accident. Waiting any longer may result in you losing potential money. (If you are unable to submit due to the injuries that you have suffered, then you should file as soon as you are able to.)

All transportation accidents should be taken seriously, especially ones that happen on a bicycle. If you are looking for a serious lawyer who will work day in and day out to help you get everything that you deserve, then you should contact The Kevin P Landry Law Offices and learn exactly what you are entitled to from an experienced Plymouth MA bicycle accident attorney.

The Kevin P Landry Law Offices

Kevin P. Landry and his team of experience associates will always handle your personal injury case on an exclusive basis, especially given their extensive knowledge in this area of law. The Kevin P Landry Law Offices has represented the victims of many different accidents in the Massachusetts and Rhode Island area for many years now, and they continue to stay committed to making sure that you receive the highest amount of financial compensation for your personal injury.

The Kevin P Landry Law Offices will fight for you in court, and out of court as well. Whether it is against your insurance company, or your landlord, or any corporate party that is responsible for your injury.

Please, Contact Us at 1-800-200-7752, or you can call us locally at 401-722-3400. Or, you can visit the Official Website and fill out the Contact Form.

The Kevin P Landry Law Offices are here to help you.

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