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Cape Cod Motorcycle Accident Attorney explores the history just up the street from his Falmouth Offices.

Cape Cod Motorcycle Accident attorney Falmouth Cape Cod Motorcycle Accident Atttorney Revisits Falmouth’s Town Green Cape Cod Motorcycle Accident Atttorney Revisits Falmouth’s Town Green Cape Cod Motorcycle Accident Attorney Revisits Falmouths Town GreenFalmouth’s Village Green has served as the center point for activity in this Cape Cod town. The luscious green lawn, tall flag pole, and surrounding white fences are a sight to see.

But the houses surrounding the area each have a unique historical story dating back to the 1700’s. Visiting Falmouth’s Village Green really gives the feel of a New England town with the fascinating colonial homes that still stand and look remarkably the same as when they were built.

The inhabitants of these homes were some of the first people to settle in Falmouth. My Cape Cod motorcycle accident attorney offices are located in Falmouth on Locust Street just down the street from the Village Green. I find it interesting to be so close to so much history.

Cape Cod Motorcycle Accident Attorney Explores The Village Green

The Palmer House

The first home built by the village green was The Palmer House in 1730. The owner of this house was Rev. Samuel Palmer who was the fourth pastor of the First Congregational Church as well as the town physician. He made such a mark on the community that Palmer Ave was named after him. This house now holds the archives of the Falmouth Historical Society.

The Captain John Grannis House

The Captain John Grannis house was built in 1765. This house was the home to many historical figures of Falmouth. To start, Captain Grannis was the commander of an expedition during the Revolutionary War.

He protected the Elizabeth Islands from the British fleet and was also active during the War of 1812 defending the town again. After Grannis, owners included Thomas Lewis, Falmouth’s Town Clerk for 28 years. As a Cape Cod Motorcycle accident attorney, I love the look of this house as well as the fact that so many historical men resided there.

The Benjamin Sanford House

The Benjamin Sanford House (1750-1775) serves as an example of a classic Colonial house and also sits on the Village Green. One of the rare houses located on the green that predates the Revolutionary War, the house began as a two-story colonial and has been modified over the years. However, it still maintains its original look.

The owner of this house, Benjamin Sanford was a little bit of a mystery man. This man described as “scrupulously exact but eccentric” had many hobbies and occupations. Town records from 1811 saw Sanford was a hatter that owned his own shop. But other records also describe him as a soldier of the Revolution, customs officer in Falmouth, cabinet-maker, postmaster, and painter.

It is a mystery who Benjamin Sanford really was but his legacy still lives on today as his historical home stands tall and is admired by onlookers. This Cape Cod motorcycle accident lawyer loves the fact that I pass this house almost daily, and will probably never know who the true story of it’s original resident.

The Captain William Bodfish House

The Captain William Bodfish house was built in 1814. Surprisingly, Captain Bodfish was the youngest man on Cape Cod to be given command of a large vessel, at age 19. He continued to become a very prosperous whaling captain and married Deborah Hatch in 1812. It was after this that he built his glorious house on the Village Green for his wife.

The house was later purchased by Elijah Swift, who was possibly one of Falmouth’s most successful businessmen. The house is a great representation of the architecture during the whaling period. It features a hip roof, widow’s walk, two chimneys, and a one story open portico.

Cape Cod Motorcycle Accident Attorney And The Legacy Of Falmouth’s Settlers

Having an office so close to such a historical place is truly humbling. The owners of these homes each have an interesting story that I love to hear about. At the time they might not have realized how special they were, or that their homes would be famous people living in Falmouth hundreds of years later. Their stories are interesting to us because they were the first ones to settle in our town and created such an appealing attraction that is Falmouth’s Village Green.

Cape Cod Motorcycle Accident Lawyer’s Closing Statement

There are really so many historical sites in Falmouth and on Cape Cod. If you are looking for places to explore on foot or by taking a ride the possibilities are truly endless. I hope you find some of Cape Cod’s treasures this season and remember to drop by my offices if you have any questions about your motorcycle accident case.

These accidents happen fairly often, and can ruin a good take pretty quickly.

But a Cape Cod motorcycle accident attorney will help you get the compensation – should you be seriously injured – that you are entitled to.

Cape Cod motorcycle lawyers who know their stud understand that injuries occur even during accidents that are termed “minor” motorcycle crashes.

An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer is able to deal with hospitals, insurance companies, as well as the other party’s lawyers on your behalf.

You can focus on recovery and leave the rest to us.

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But don’t worry about that until you have to. For now get out there on the bike, enjoy the beautiful weather, and check out Falmouth’s Village Green and the colonial homes that surround it!