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A skilled Cape Cod personal injury lawyer talks about notifying parties at fault and why you should not delay.

Cape Cod Personal Injury Lawyer | Notifying Parties At Fault Cape Cod Personal Injury Lawyer | Notifying Parties At Fault Cape Cod Personal Injury Lawyer | Notifying Parties At Fault Kevin Landry reviewsIf you are someone who has been in an accident, notifying those who may be responsible is important.

This does not necessarily mean it is their fault, but it allows you to think about who may possible be at fault.

Basically, there is no need to give anyone involved any details at the start.

But you should let them know that you have been in an accident, where it took place and when, that you were injured, and that you plan to file a claim.

Cape Cod Personal Injury Lawyer | What Is Negligence?

Negligence is a legal term that refers to carelessness that contributes to or causes an accident. For instance, someone was negligent is they failed to stop at a stop sign and then hit a car coming through the intersection.

Someone will be considered negligent whenever they had a duty to be careful and failed to do so. As a Cape Cod personal injury lawyer I feel that we each have an obligation to act with reasonable care in certain situations, in a way that will not cause injury to someone else.

Who Might Be Responsible For The Accident?

Before you notify anyone that you believe is responsible for the accident, make sure you make the right decision. Deciding who is responsible depends on the type of accident that you have been involved in.

For instance, in a car accident you need to notify the drivers involved, the owners of the vehicles, the employers of the drivers (if the car was on a company business), and your own personal insurance company.

Depending on the conditions, each type of accident, whether it be slip and fall or vehicle, requires you to notify different people. The general rule to follow is if one person involved in the accident was not careful enough, they are obligated to pay for at least part of the damages.

Cape Cod Personal Injury Lawyer | Writing Notification Letters

Once you have finally determined who you believe is responsible for the accident, the next step is to write your letters that will tell them about the accident and that you were injured.

For example, write one letter to the person that owns the property and another to the business where you fell. You should write a letter of notification even if the other people involved have promised to notify their insurance companies.

The letter should be  a simple typed letter with the basic info and requesting a response. Do not bring up responsibility or fault yet, or the level of your injuries. You will handle this at a later time.

Don’t Wait

An important thing to remember about giving other parties notice is not to delay very long. Although it is not necessary to give notice within a given time frame, it’s the best approach to start as early as you can, within the first  couple of weeks.

Remember, if you notify people after your accident, you are not obligated to file a claim against them. But it does not give them any opportunity to say they were surprised by the claim if you do decide to file one.

Cape Cod Personal Injury Lawyer | Closing Comments

Unfortunate events happen. We understand how important it is for you to settle your case.

We have always been able to help people from all different backgrounds who were involved in accidents.

Contact us and we can help you pay for medical expenses, loss of income, and many other expenses.