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Once you have filed your claim with an insurance company, the claim will go through a process that will lead to a settlement. The specific nature of the investigation will depend on the nature of your claim. A car insurance company will follow a true and tested series of steps to investigate your case. We have reviewed some of the steps below:

An Adjuster Will be assigned to Your Case

This is the person that will investigate your claim on behalf of the car insurance company. They will first review your policy to ensure that you are covered. They may even call you to find out more details about your accident. The adjuster may also do the following:

  • They may request that you send to them a copy of the police report
  • They may contact the other driver
  • They may talk to witnesses who saw what happened.
  • They might go to the crime scene
  • They may take pictures of your car
  • They may ask you to sign a medical release form so that they can gain access to your medical records.
  • They may contact the hospital where you were treated to find out how much medical expenses are.

Evaluating Damages from Your Car Accident

Your health insurance provider and car insurance provider will cover all your injuries and repair to your car until they determine who is legally liable for the accident. Once they have established liability, the car insurance company will contact the other driver’s insurance provider to determine who will pay in the end.

Two things are involved during this process: indemnification and subrogation.

Indemnification is the process of initial payment. Subrogation is the process through which your insurance company will seek payment from the other driver’s insurance company if the driver is found to be liable for the accident.

When it comes to repairing your car, there are several options to choose from:

  1. An Approved Body Shop. Depending on the accident, the adjuster may ask to take your car to one of its approved auto shops for an estimate.
  2. Getting a Quote. The adjuster can also suggest that you go to any shop that you like and obtain a quote.
  3. Choose Your Own Repair Shop. You can choose to have your car repaired at any shop that you like but you might have to pay the difference between what your insurance provider thinks is a fair price and the shop’s estimate.

The insurance company will want to see a copy of your medical bills if your claim also includes medical expenses. They may also ask you to sign a consent form allowing them to access your medical records.

We, however, emphasize that you don’t sign anything before talking to a qualified New Bedford personal injury lawyer. Only they can be able to advise you about whether signing that form is the right thing to do. Remember that once you sign the form, the insurance company might decide to access your entire medical history. They will also nitpick on it just to prolong the claims process or to lower your claim. However, if you hire a lawyer, they will be able to protect your rights.

They Will Want to Know Your Side of the Story

The car insurance company will require you to provide as much information as possible. they might ask you to provide them with the following information:

  • When the accident happened
  • Your policy number
  • Where the accident happened
  • How the accident happened
  • The insurance, contact and name of the other driver
  • Name of the police department involved

Determining Liability

One of the biggest jobs that an insurance adjuster has is to establish who is at fault. If the adjuster decides that you are 60% responsible for the accident, they may pay 60% of the settlement and the other driver’s insurance provider will pay the other 40%.  You should, however, talk to your car insurance company to find out more information.

Reviewing Your Claim

The car insurance company will review the following information:

  • Proof of lost wages
  • Damaged property
  • Bills
  • Medical records

Get a New Bedford Personal Injury Lawyer

Dealing with insurance companies can get complicated very fast especially if you suffered a high level of damages. Consulting with a personal injury lawyer in New Bedford could help you avoid being a victim of insurer bad faith.

Contact one of our New Bedford personal injury lawyers at Kevin P Landry Law Offices by dialing 508-999-0800 today or visit our New Bedford Offices for a free initial consultation.