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The best thing about riding a motorcycle is the freedom it affords you but do you have your cold weather motorcycle accessories?
You might be tempted to leave your bike in the garage for the entire winter but it does not seem like a fun option. For many riders, foregoing a motorcycle ride for all those winter months sounds unbearable. Thanfully there are plenty of cold weather motorcycle accessories they can wear to protect themselves from the cold and enhance their riding experience.

Cold Weather Motorcycle Accessories

1. Wind Shield

This is a very important cold weather motorcycle accessory because it protects you from the chilling wind. Wind is the biggest enemy for a rider because it will chill you to the bone.

A wind shield protects you from the wind by deflecting most of it. The wind will be diverted around you instead of hitting you in the face when going at 60mph. Not only will you avoid the cold wind but you will stay warmer. If you live in Plymouth, MA, you can take your motorbike to a major dealership like Harley Davidson to get the wind shield installed or you can do it yourself.

2. Helmet

A full motorcycle helmet will trap heat from your head and also protect your face from harsh winter winds. Since it is very easy to get into an accident during winter because of the slippery roads, poor visibility and the cold, the helmet will absorb most of the impact in case you get into an accident.

3. Scarf

The scarf will help protect you from the wind. As you probably know, wind will force its way in if there is even an inch of your body that isn’t fully covered so in order to avoid this, it’s best to ensure you cover every part.

Common areas where the wind will force its way up is around the neck. Your helmet will only extend so far down and your jacket so far up so there is bound to be a gap that isn’t properly covered. By wrapping your scarf around your neck, you can keep the wind at bay.

4. Boots And Socks

Your feet are more likely to be affected by the cold more than any other part of the body. This is because blood flow to extremities such as your feet will decrease so this means you will have less blood which equals less warmth.

Invest in a good pair of socks and boots. Your boots should be water and wind proof to keep away ice and cool air. Ensure that your boots are comfortable to prevent you from getting sore feet.

Invest in woolen socks to keep your toes warm inside your boots. For extra warmth you can layer up your socks.

5. Gloves

Just like your feet, your hands are also sensitive to the cold. Invest in a good pair of wind proof gloves. Mittens simply won’t work to protect your hands from the cold because air will just cut through them. Remember that when your hands get cold you may be unable to maneuver your bike properly.

Look for gloves that have elastic at the wrist so that you can adjust them accordingly to keep out the cold winter air.

6. Electrically Heated Clothing

One of the best cold weather motorcycle accessories is the electronically heated clothing. Heated clothing keeps you warm and you can ride for miles. Most electrically heated clothing has wires that you can connect to your motorcycle battery to heat it up.

7. Water Proof Jacket And Pants

Leather jackets don’t do well in the rain so consider wearing a synthetic blend, cordura or Kevlar. Your clothing should allow you to move freely. Make sure your jacket has enough space for you to layer with other pieces of light clothing.

Hiring A Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Plymouth

Despite all the precautions that you take including wearing cold weather motorcycle accessories, there’s still a chance that you might get into a crash. Motorcycles are more vulnerable to accidents than vehicles.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident in Plymouth, MA, you should contact a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. When you call us, you can be guaranteed that we are on your side. We usually involve our investigators, who collect evidence at the crash site to help build a strong case. Contact us at 508-746-2700 or fill out or contact form for an free initial consultation.

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