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There are different types of motorcycle accidents and each type will influence the extent of the injury.

types of motorcycle accidents What Are The Different Types Of Motorcycle Accidents? What Are The Different Types Of Motorcycle Accidents? motorcycle accident typesIt is very important that you be aware of the different types of motorcycle accidents that occur on the road because it may help you determine which party should be held liable. The best way to reduce your odds of being involved in a motorcycle crash is to get educated. If you are a new rider, you should complete a basic rider course before you take your Harley Davidson out for a ride.

Safety gear such as helmets can help reduce the impact of your injuries but it won’t prevent accidents from happening. The best way to prevent an accident is to ride comfortably, control your bike and make yourself visible to other riders and car drivers.

Common Types Of Motorcycle Accidents

A Car Turns In Front Of You

This is the most common type of motorcycle accident. When a driver judges your speed incorrectly, they are likely to turn in front of you at an intersection. This can be attributed to the fact that the driver was inattentive while they were driving or there was a blind spot or they were distracted, a common cause of most accidents.

Because such cases are common, you should develop a sixth sense while riding. Part of your job as a rider is to look for signs that a car might turn in front of you. You also need to account for objects that you cannot see. For instance, if there is a gap in traffic, there is a high possibility that a car might come through that gap. Always be prepared for evasive action.

You Hit An Obstacle In A Blind Corner

You are riding comfortably then suddenly, just when you are rounding a corner you hit a pot hole, a patch of sand, etc. This can result in a fatal accident especially if you are riding at high speeds.

To avoid this, simply ride at a pace where your reaction time fits within your range of vision. When going round a corner, slow down and enter wide. Pick up your speed only when you can see all the way through. In addition, you should also watch out for diesel or any other oil spills on the road.

If it’s raining or snowing, manhole covers can become very slippery. If there’s limited visibility, some drivers may not understand that slippery conditions call for earlier braking and longer following distances.

A Car Changes Lanes Into You

An accident can occur if a car suddenly veers into you while you are riding in traffic. This typically happens when one lane is moving faster than the other. Almost all drivers will want to switch to that lane.

You should keep an eye out for situations where lane changing is likely. Wheels turning, turn signals, etc., are all signs that a car wants to change lanes.

A Car Hits You From Behind

The most fatal types of motorcycle accidents are known as the fender bender where the driver plows into you at a very high speed. This happens when you suddenly stop at an intersection to avoid hitting something or someone and the driver behind you doesn’t see you.

Always pay close attention to what’s behind you and be prepared to scoot away if it appears someone might plow into you.

Hire A Motorcycle Accident Attorney

In every motorcycle accident case, it’s necessary for your motorcycle accident attorney to investigate the type of motorcycle accident you were involved in to determine the cause. Identifying the cause of the accident will help determine who should be held liable. This will give you an opportunity to file a personal injury lawsuit against the liable party.

If you are a victim of a motorcycle accident, you are entitled to compensation for permanent injury, pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills and property damage. Remember that motorcycle accidents can be frightening so as soon as it happens, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible and get treatment.

At our law offices, our motorcycle accident lawyers have years of experience in motorcycle accident litigation and we have helped victims and their families to pursue the compensation that they deserve.

If you have been injured in any of the common types of motorcycle accidents, contact our office at (800)200-7752 or fill out our contact form today for a free initial consultation.