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Your East Providence Slip and Fall Lawyer weighs in on Providence’s history and turning a bad situation around.

East Providence Slip and Fall Lawyer East Providence Slip and Fall Lawyer | The History of our City East Providence Slip and Fall Lawyer | The History of our City East Providence Slip and Fall LawyerAs a resident of East Providence, you likely know all about our city’s origin. As a slip and fall lawyer based in East Providence, I love learning about the colonial history of our nation and city, as it is interesting from both a legal and personal perspective.

Founding the City

Providence was founded by Roger Williams, a law student and theologian who was exiled from Massachusetts Bay Colony for his rejection of the Church of England and strong views on religious freedom in 1635. But rather than pack up his things and go back to England, he and his followers went south, and founded Providence.

He created several new laws on how the city was to be governed, and created the first modern, western place where citizenship and religion were separate, creating true separation of church and state, which would go on to be one of the ideals our founding fathers would hold dear.

As an East Providence Slip and fall lawyer, I admire the way our founder took a bad situation and used it to get his life back where he wanted it. After all, my job is all about helping the people of East Providence do just that.

A History of Hardship

Since it’s founding in 1636 Providence has experienced numerous hardships. During King Philips War the entire town was burnt to the ground by Native Americans. But Providence bounced back, and ended up being stronger than before, with new factories and workshops. When new taxes from Britain threatening Providences older industries, Rhode Island joined up and fought to free the states from foreign rule.

Soon after, Providence became an industrial powerhouse. During one of our nations darkest moments, several key industrial plants in Rhode Island were essential to keeping the Union army supplied. No matter how hard Providence was hit, it always got back on its feet.

The Great Depression

The great depression was a hard time for Providence. Factories shut down, people lost their jobs, and organized crime became a huge problem all throughout Providence. And to make things even worse, Providence’s downtown was flooded by the New England Hurricane of 1938.

All of this was devastating to the Providence’s well being. But the city bounced back, and once again became a center for culture, commerce and industry. New construction, such as the Providence Place Mall and Waterplace park, along with many new condos and apartments, helped to modernize the city. Today, Providence is a wonderful place to live, work, and thrive.

Legacy of Recovery and East Providence Slip and Fall Lawyer

As an East Providence slip and fall lawyer, I am inspired by Providence’s legacy of recovering from whatever hard ships it endures. A slip and fall lawyer’s duty in life is to help people “get back on their feet” after a slip and fall injury and get both the treatment and settlement they deserve. East Providence is a beautiful place to live. With the sea and the city so close at hand, you don’t want to miss a single moment. A slip and fall injury shouldn’t have to hold you back.

By employing a skilled and experienced East Providence slip and fall lawyer you ensure that you are getting the best possible change at recovering from your slip and fall. No one wants to let an injury control their life.

Instead, take back your life and get the treatment and settlement you deserve. Here at The Kevin P Landry Law Offices we know how to handle your case best. A slip and fall accident may not be your fault, and no matter the severity of the accident, injuries can occur.

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