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commercial truck accident claim How Much Is My Falmouth MA Commercial Truck Accident Claim Worth? How Much Is My Falmouth MA Commercial Truck Accident Claim Worth? Image005Before we discuss how much your Falmouth, MA commercial truck accident claim is worth, it’s important that we emphasize that a commercial truck accident is different from a car or motorcycle accident. The reason why we emphasize this is that commercial truck accidents have many issues surrounding them. It’s possible that one or more commercial policies exist for the trucking company and the defendant.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) mandates insurance companies that insure commercial trucks and they don’t have the same rules as passenger vehicles. Additionally, FMCSA requires commercial trucks to carry much larger minimum policies.

How Much Can You Recover After A Commercial Truck Accident?

Until your Falmouth MA commercial truck accident claim can be fully investigated, it might not be possible to give you a dollar estimate. There are so many factors we have to look at because no two commercial truck accidents are ever the same. These are some of the factors we take into consideration when determining the value of your claim:

  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of companionship
  • Severity of your injuries
  • Lost wages
  • Expected future medical bills
  • Total amount of medical bills

After a trucking accident, you should call your lawyer as soon as possible. Trucking companies are known for trying to settle accident claims quickly. They employ all sorts of tactics to ensure that you get as little compensation as possible so it’s best to speak to a commercial truck accident lawyer as soon as possible so that they can get you the justice that you deserve.

Why You Shouldn’t Settle A Falmouth MA Commercial Truck Accident Claim Quickly

Insurance companies risk losing a lot more on commercial truck accident claims than on any other types of accidents. Apart from getting more compensation from trucking companies, we advise trucking accident victims not to settle their claims quickly because we’ve seen the following scenarios play out quite often:

  • The accident victim did not know the extent of their injuries.
  • The type and length of the victim’s treatment changed as their injuries worsened or healed
  • The victim didn’t expect the accident to take such a toll on their personal life.
  • The accident victim didn’t know the psychological toll the accident would have on them once they get back to driving their cars

Over the years, we have learned that no one is able to fully account for the entirety of their personal loss or injuries immediately after a commercial truck accident. The only way you can ensure compensation for your total losses is to let a lawyer handle your case while you focus on recovering.

Find out who you should sue in a commercial truck accident.

No Two Commercial Truck Accident Claims are Ever the Same

We’ve had a number of clients walk into our offices with unrealistic expectations regarding how much they can recover from their accident. These expectations are based on information they acquired from the internet, friends or family.

We strongly recommend that you do not follow this information because we consider so many factors.

  • Pre-existing injuries. The accident might have aggravated or made the injuries worse so the value of the compensation might increase.
  • The circumstances under which the accident took place. Was one of you distracted? Was the driver tired from driving for long hours or did one or more parts in the truck fail?
  • What was your condition when you got involved in the accident? Were you under medication? Were you pregnant?
  • How much did you earn before you got into the accident?
  • What type of medical treatment did you undergo after the accident?

We work on commercial truck accident cases every day and we can tell you that their values are usually different no matter how similar the accidents seem to be.

What Can Your Commercial Truck Accident Lawyers Do For Me?

We will first investigate your claim and try to find out the events that led to the accident. Next, we’ll look at the extent of your injuries.

If the accident left you or a loved one with broken bones, the need for surgery, an extended hospital stay, permanent hardware or even led to death, we will demand the entire amount of the insurance policy carried by the trucking company.

Our legal team at Kevin P Landry is highly experienced in insurance policies. We can research, obtain and review all applicable policies for the company that owns the commercial truck.

If you want to find out more about what our Falmouth MA truck accident lawyers can do for you, call us at 508-457-9500 or visit our offices. Alternatively, we can come to where you are to offer you a free case evaluation.