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The healthcare sector has gone through a lot of transformation over the recent years. Through technology advancement, we have the best medical facilities, medicines, kits and well-trained and experienced medical practitioners in our hospitals. So you’d expect the rate of medical malpractice claims to have dropped significantly but that’s not the case as you can see here.

We go to medical experts to seek proper treatment of diseases, quality care and to feel better. However, things don’t always go the way we want them to. In some incidents, doctors fail to administer proper medications, follow the best surgery procedures and may cause further damage to the patient.

Medical malpractice most of the time occurs in the emergency room when a doctor or any other healthcare expert causes an injury to a patient through negligence or a medical error.  Emergency rooms are the most demanding areas in the healthcare field and there are rules and regulations that medical experts in these rooms should obey.

Every second counts when a medical emergency occurs. Medical experts in the emergency rooms are at all times required to handle emergencies with care and in the shortest time possible. A patient suffering from a heart attack, brain injury or any other serious condition should be treated or attended to immediately to prevent any long-time damage or effects. If the doctors in-charge of the ER delay an operation, the chances of the patient surviving are low and they may die in the course of the surgery or after taking available medicine. Such emergency room negligence may force the patient or his or her loved to take action against the doctor and the hospital and file a medical malpractice lawsuit.

 Common Examples of Emergency Room Negligence

Many people who have not experienced medical malpractice will not understand what it means for a doctor to be neglectful. Many victims of emergency room negligence also fail to file a medical malpractice lawsuit because they do not know where to start or where to seek help. Here are a few examples to guide you on how to file for a medical malpractice claim:

Anesthesia malpractice

In case of surgery, a patient is usually given anesthesia, but due to a previous treatment, this may pose an increased risk of use and the patient may experience complications such as liver damage, respiratory difficulties, nausea, post-operative pain or death. In this case, the doctor will be liable for negligence and malpractice, as they might have given the patient the wrong dosage of anesthesia, failed to monitor the patient thoroughly, failed to recognize complications as they develop or failed to give the patient proper instructions on how to prepare for surgery.

Mistake during childbirth

During childbirth, some doctors may fail to adhere to the right medical practices, putting both the mother and the baby at risk. During delivery, a patient may suffer umbilical cord prolapse, a rare condition whereby the umbilical cord comes out of the uterus with or before displaying part of the uterus and this may pose a threat to the life of the baby if C-section is not done immediately. Any delay during childbirth may lead to infant brain damage or death.

Failure to diagnose

There are fatal diseases or disorders that medical experts should always examine before administering any medications or anesthesia. Failure to diagnose cancer, heart disease or treat appendicitis can be your trail to facing malpractice negligence lawsuit.

Surgical errors

This is a preventable mistake when undertaking surgery on a patient. There is always an element of risk during surgery and many doctors have failed and ended up being victims of ER malpractice lawsuits. Cases of doctors leaving objects such as a sponge or towel inside a patient’s body have been reported worldwide. Other surgeons have been known to perform the wrong procedure on patients or operating the wrong body.

Mistake during blood transfusion process

Many lives have been saved through blood transfusion, but there are doctors who are so reckless that they don’t bother to follow proper protocol while handling it. Some of the common mistakes caused by negligence of nurses and other medical experts include mislabeling of blood samples, ordering wrong blood and blood components, taking blood samples from wrong patients and transfer of albumin to the wrong patient among others.

Filing a Medical Malpractice Claim – Seek Help of a Plymouth Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Emergency room malpractice is common in hospitals because of:

  • Incompetence,
  • Poor and rushed preoperative planning,
  • Poor communication,
  • Fatigue,
  • Improper work ethic,
  • Neglect and
  • Influence of drugs and alcohol.

It has been proved that emergency room negligence has caused death, loss of income or earning capacity, pain and suffering and unbearable medical expenses. There is no good in seeing a doctor or nurse who caused harm walking around freely or undertaking his or her duties lightly while a loved one is suffering or is taken away from you in an untimely manner.  You have to take action and file a lawsuit against the doctor or hospital and seek compensation.

The medical malpractice lawyer in Plymouth that you choose should help you gather enough data about your case. If they are competent enough, they will protect your rights as a medical malpractice victim and ensure that you have a successful ER negligence lawsuit that is characterized by:

  • A violation of the standard of healthcare,
  • You or a loved one was injured due to negligence and
  • It led to severe damages or loss of life.

At Kevin P Landry Law Offices, our medical malpractice attorneys will try their best to ensure your medical malpractice lawsuit is successful. We will work relentlessly to ensure that the person responsible for your loss is held accountable and you receive compensation. Do not fret about the cost of the emergency room negligence lawsuit. We offer free initial consultations and applicable advice to guide you through the case as well as helping you build your damaged life again. Call us today at 508-746-2700 or visit our Plymouth offices today.