Fungal Meningitis Lawyer axe Fungal Meningitis Lawyer News | Guilty Parties Axed...More Justice Coming Fungal Meningitis Lawyer News | Guilty Parties Axed...More Justice Coming axeIn fungal meningitis lawyer news, the state of Massachusetts has fired the director of the Board of Registration in Pharmacy due to the New England Compounding Center fungal meningitis debacle.

The state of Massachusetts, which cited an instance in which the director failed to investigate a complaint against the NECC and then even worse, didn’t disclose these infractions until it was too late.

As you may know from previous meningitis attorney news, the fungal meningitis outbreak has caused 31 deaths in 19 states with a total of 424 cases of a rare form of meningitis known as “fungal meningitis.”

Fungal Meningitis Lawyer: Gross Negligence Abounds…

Even worse, officials in Colorado contacted the Massachusetts Board of registration in pharmacy complaining about multiple violations of tainted vials of medicine coming from the New England Compounding Center in Framingham, Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts Board did nothing.

Department of Public Health interim Commissioner Lauren Smith stated, “It is incomprehensible that the state did not act on the Colorado complaint given NECC’s past, and their responsibility to investigate complaints.”

She continued, “Following the outbreak, staff also failed to disclose the existence of Colorado’s complaint to leadership.”

The complaint was sent to former director James Coffey on July 26, mere months before the recent fungal meningitis outbreak.

Amazingly, Colorado has not had any cases of fungal meningitis associated with the NECC according to the Centers for Disease Control.

New Interim Director Promises Bold Action

Smith has promised swift and decisive action in the fungal meningitis outbreak. And let’s hope she can take action to stem the tide of increased cases.

Despite the complete breakdown of regulation in compounding pharmacies, many of which are here on Cape Cod, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, she pledges not to stop until she and the state have a complete understanding of what happened to cause the fungal meningitis outbreak.

Although it might be too late, promises like these are certainly a breath of fresh air in an otherwise dismal meningitis lawyer news landscape. In fact, there’s been little good news to report since the outbreak occurred.

Hopefully You Won’t Need to…But Contact a Meningitis Lawyer If Needed

With 424 cases so far in 19 states, including three meningitis cases in Rhode Island, the current meningitis outbreak is growing each day. This means that more victims will be identified over the course of the coming months.

As we have stated in meningitis lawyer news before, legitimate lawsuits from meningitis patients have already begun to be filed.

So there are solid grounds for filing a personal injury claim should you or someone you know become a victim of the meningitis outbreak.

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