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If you like riding your bicycle on Rhode Island roads, then you should have a bicycle accident injury lawyer on speed dial.

bicycle accident injury lawyer Should Your Hire A Bicycle Accident Injury Lawyer? Should Your Hire A Bicycle Accident Injury Lawyer? bicycle accident injury lawyerThere are a few common accident scenarios which most cyclists are likely to get involved in. The first is a motorist passing a bicycle rider without leaving enough distance. Cyclists often get their own lane along major roads or highway as well as being allowed to ride along the highways. Trouble begins when impatient drivers pass without leaving enough distance between the cyclists leading to accidents.

Second are collisions at intersections or roundabouts when the motorist does not look out for a cyclist. Also, during the left hand turn motorcyclists and cyclists are at a greater risk of accidents or turn mishaps. A driver making a left hand turn should give a right of way to any other driver coming from the opposite direction and only initiate movement when it is safe to do so.

However, other motorists rarely respect cyclists leading to accidents. Other possible ways include the open door collision, when a motorist opens the door oblivious to an oncoming cyclist leading to a collision; unexpected backing up, merging or lane changes, unsafe roadway conditions and of course over speeding.

Benefits Of Hiring A Bicycle Accident Injury Lawyer

Like most other personal injury lawyers, bicycle accident injury lawyers will seek compensation for the injured party owing from another road user’s carelessness or negligence. The claims covered include injuries, medical bills, trauma and other inconveniences that may have been borne by bicycle accident victim.

In obtaining the compensation, a personal injury lawyer will negotiate with the responsible party and any other relevant party such as the insurance company on your behalf all the while ensuring that you are not denied your rights during the process. A bicycle accident injury lawyer tries to accomplish this as much as possible through an out of court settlement even though sometimes your case might go to trial.

The cost of hiring a bicycle accident injury lawyer will vary from law firm to law firm but many personal injury lawyers are paid on contingency plans. This is means that they will only get paid after successfully negotiating a settlement for you. Typical amounts retained vary from 20 to 40 percent.

Bicycle accidents are no different from other types of personal injury accidents. Most of the time, the fault lies with the motorized road user such as car or van driver but there are situations when the bicyclist is also been on the wrong.  Still, those involved in accidents with cyclists will try to pass blame on to them.

A good bicycle accident injury lawyer will effectively unearth the bias that many cyclists undergo on the road. They will effectively pay attention to the jury that has been selected. When you suffer injuries as a result of the accident, say impact from being hit by a motorist, those injuries are always very severe and only an aggressive lawyer can help you obtain compensation that they rightfully deserves.

Hiring A Bicycle Accident Injury Lawyer In Rhode Island

Like many other cosmopolitan regions, Rhode Island has numerous cyclists due to its comfortable climate and the environmental as well as cultural atmosphere. However, this does not mean that cyclists will share the road in peace.

Choosing a lawyer is not that easy for a variety of people even in a place swarming with lawyers like Rhode Island. For one, use of referrals works a great deal, but only if you know a person who has used a personal injury lawyer in general.  Otherwise it is easy to resort to phone directories and newspapers.

A second factor to consider is the track record of the personal injury lawyer. How many times have they negotiated successfully for a client? Finally the issue of cost is also as pertinent as the other issues. Choose a lawyer who agrees to work on a contingency basis.

Navigating the Rhode Island court system can be very tricky and our experienced team of lawyers knows how to handle bicycle accident cases effectively and quickly.  We can help you claim compensation to offset your medical bills, to help ease your pain and suffering or to help you make up for lost wages.

Don’t waste time going through phone directories or newspapers looking for a qualified lawyer. If you’ve been hurt in a bicycle accident, contact one of our Rhode Island lawyers at (800)200-7752 today or fill out our contact form.