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A trusted injury lawyer New Bedford MA explores New Bedford and a great place to bring the kids on a rainy day this summer; The Ocean Explorium.

Injury Lawyer New Bedford MA | Ocean Explorium AT New Bedford Seaport Injury Lawyer New Bedford MA | Ocean Explorium At New Bedford Seaport Injury Lawyer New Bedford MA | Ocean Explorium At New Bedford Seaport Injury Lawyer New Bedford MA Ocean Explorium AT New Bedford SeaportThe kids are officially out of school in most places and if they’re not busy in camp or at the beach, there are a number of other places you can explore with them.

One of the best places to bring children in New Bedford is the Ocean Explorium.

You can find the explorium in the lobby of the previous New Bedford Institution for savings.

With several different living aquatic environments, outreach initiatives, and interactive exhibits, the explorium will provide a full day of fun for you and your kids. The Ocean Explorium in New Bedford aims to encourage and promote a better understanding of our local oceans and beyond.

Injury Lawyer New Bedford MA | Living Exhibits

The first living exhibit to see is the Ray and Shark Touch Tank. The newly added living exhibit allows guests to view and also feel some of the coolest fish in the ocean.  You will get a chance to see Atlantic Stingrays, Bamboo Sharks, and Cownose Rays (all very social sea creatures).

Their series of living exhibits also includes “The Living Ocean”. This exhibit demonstrates aquatic habits and discusses issues of the ocean.

The exhibit has a lively coral reef and teaches visitors about global climate change, biodiversity, and coral bleaching. Other things to see at the Living Ocean are the New England Fishes, Anemone Fishes, Scallops, Jellyfish, and Seahorses. The staff demonstrate feeding these animals and discuss their habitats.

The last living exhibit is “The Living Laboratory”. This is a newly open exhibit that allows the visitors to see a rare part of marine life, the babies in the early stages.

The exhibit has a group of small living exhibits that show delicate, young, marine organisms like jellyfish, larval lobsters, seahorses, shark egg cases, etc. As an injury lawyer New Bedford MA I think this might be the coolest part of the explorium.

You can interact with these small creatures and observe the growth of tiny coral colonies.

Science On A Sphere

This exhibit uses high-speed computers, several projectors, and advanced imaging methods to create an image of the earth that is 3-D. The viewer will be able to see what it’s like to view planet earth from outer space.

The Sphere shows historic and current information about earth to teach about global issues such as climate change, weather patterns, ocean currents, and distribution of human populations.

Nonliving Exhibits

The explorium also has a number of informative nonliving exhibits. The Ocean Science Outreach is a series of video kiosks.

The kiosks are booths that the visitors enter to see information about the diverse life at the bottom of the ocean, New Bedford Harbor Superfund Site cleanup, and Harmful Algae Blooms. The images were provided by UMass School for Marine Science and Technology, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, and the U.S. Environmental protection Agency.

There are also an ocean murals to view in the explorium. The two fantastic murals were painted by well-known artist Arthur Moniz. Moniz’s paintings show the natural beauty of an aquatic habitat and the beauty of Newbedford’s waterfront.

Injury Lawyer New Bedford MA | Closing Comments

The Ocean Explorium has countless activities for the kids. When we get hit with a bad beach day, take the kids down to learn about the habitat they will be spending so many hot summer days in.

More importantly, spend some time with your kids this summer.

If you have an injury don’t let it hold you back from quality time and missing out on those precious moments.

Injuries can have a huge physical and emotional toll, and I want to make it easier.

I understand the complex laws that govern injuries and will be able to get the compensation you deserve.

Let me take on the responsibility while you focus on recovery.

Contact Us to move forward with your life.