A trusted Massachusetts bike accident lawyer comments on the Boston mayoral candidates and their plans for bicycle safety.

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Preventing bicycle accidents has become a top priority in Boston.

In fact, the issue has become so important that even some of the mayoral candidates have talked with Boston.com about their plans for refining cycling safety in Boston.

The primary election isn’t until September 24th, but the candidates have many ideas for the city already.

Their ideas for bicycle safety are definitely something for every community to consider and could help prevent some serious bicycle injuries or fatalities.

Massachusetts Bike Accident Lawyer | Proposed Bicycle Safety Plans

John Burrows recommends providing safety-training programs for groups that have high accident rates.

This would include bike riders, MBTA, taxi drivers, and students.

He would also like to restructure and install bike facilities in dangerous areas and encourage helmet use by making low costs helmets more available.

His final goal is to increase data collection to learn more about the risks causing bike accidents.

Bill Walczak is passionate about the importance of wearing a helmet and biker/driver education.

He would like to give riders a more straight forward and clearly designated bike lane in every neighborhood as well as putting up more signs to make drivers more aware of the bikers around them.

Don Conley believes that a public education campaign for sharing the streets safely would be highly beneficial for bikers safety.

To take the education even further he would recommend micro-campaigns focused towards certain groups and addressing the most common mistakes.

He also envisions kiosks and vending machines with helmets in the city as well as improvements in enforcement of traffic and helmet laws.

Felix Arroyo suggests a new infrastructure including cycle tracks in Boston.

He would also like to collect more data about the dangerous areas for bikers, raise awareness of the dangers, and use data to better understand the risks for bikers.

Ron Consalvo has the idea of making a “Share the Road” campaign for public education. He would also like to support the groups already in existence like the Boston Bikes program.

John Connolly recommends more protected bicycle lanes and cycle tracks. He would like there to be a “complete streets” plan that uses cycling when designing all roads. In the past he was a sponsor of the Hubway bike share initiative when he serves on City Council and would like to expand on this.

Marty Walsh said that he plans to create a traffic flow review to progress bike safety and allow the city to move smoothly. His ideas also include adding amenities for bikers like lanes, markings, stop lights, and bike boxes.

Charles Clemons recommends a PSA campaign in Boston for better enforcement of traffic laws.

Massachusetts Bike Accident Lawyer | Closing Comments

Seeing candidates so passionate about bicycle safety is truly a good thin for Boston.

They take the issue serious and have comprehensive plans to improve upon it.

They all have different ideas for voters to consider but they share a common goal for safety and improvement.

As a Massachusetts bike accident lawyer, I personally like the ambitions of these candidates because their plans all leave less room for car drivers negligence to cause an accident.

Even if you are careful while riding your bike, car drivers can be careless.

There have been thousands of situations that have caused injury to cyclists.

If this is you, you need a Massachusetts bike accident lawyer that you can trust from the Kevin P Landry Law Offices.