A trusted Massachusetts injury attorney goes through the basic safety guidelines to keep in mind this 4th of July.

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With the 4th Of July festivities just three days away, I’m sure all New Englanders are only thinking about one thing; fireworks.

Nothing says summer like watching the fireworks on the fourth with the family. There are so many firework shows in Massachusetts with thousands of people in attendance.

These displays are organized by the local fire departments and conducted by professionals that are licensed. They know how to run the show safely, so why try to put on a show of your own?

We all love fireworks, but they can be a big source of injury for many who don’t follow the proper safety precautions.

Massachusetts Injury Attorney | Fireworks In Massachusetts

Many people just can’t help but set off a few fireworks of their own at home. If this is you, there are some laws you might want to think about.

Are your fireworks legal in Massachusetts? Even though you may have purchased your fireworks in a state where they were legal, it is illegal to bring them into or through Massachusetts.

In Mass, skyrockets, torpedoes, firecrackers, bombs, mines, colored fire, and flares are all illegal. But sparklers are legal.


There’s nothing like a bright sparkler on the fourth to have your kids eyes glowing. Kids of all ages are amazed by sparklers, but in reality they are simply sticks dipped in a mix of chemicals and metal and lit on fire.

Many parents easily overlook the danger of sparklers, believing that they are way safer than ordinary fireworks. But they are not always innocent and safe. These sparklers heat up all the way to about 2,000 degrees.

About 20% of all firework related injuries are the result of sparklers, that’s a large number for a tiny stick. And even worse, children make up the majority of these injuries.

Sparkler Safety Tips

As a Massachusetts injury lawyer I think sparklers can be great, if you follow the safety recommendations. When you purchase sparklers make sure they are from a reputable seller.

Also, never hand a lighted sparkler to someone else. Make sure it has not been lit.

Children should only be using sparklers under adult supervision. You may think this is common sense but it is easy to forget with the chaos of a fourth of July barbecue.

And if a child is given one, make sure an adult lights it for them.

Another great rule is to never hold more than one sparkler at a time. Holding more than one sparkler will definitely intensify any dangers.

Many of us forget that sparklers are still very hot when the flame has gone out. Be sure to take them away from children after they have gone out and then put them in a bucket of water.

Massachusetts Injury Attorney | Closing Comments

As a Massachusetts injury attorney I know that these safety tips should not be taken lightly. Each year during the month of the 4th there are 200 people who end up in the emergency room every day. I would hate for this to happen to you.

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Be Safe and Have A Happy 4th Of July!