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meningitis lawyer lawsuits Meningitis Lawyer News | NECC Chief Pleads the 5th Meningitis Lawyer News | NECC Chief Pleads the 5th buildingIn meningitis lawyer news, Barry Cadden, the owner and director of the New England Compounding Center pharmacy linked to a deadly fungal meningitis outbreak, plead the fifth amendment in his testimony before a congressional hearing on Wednesday morning.

Mr. Cadden, who is the co-founder of the specialty pharmacy which led to the current meningitis outbreak used his Constitutional right to evoke the Fifth Amendment and declined to shed any light on the current fungal meningitis outbreak.

Cadden, under the advice of his meningitis lawyer declined to answer any questions regarding the matter.

Meningitis Attorney Advises Against Speaking

Although House lawmakers did their best to prompt Mr. Cadden to speak, he repeatedly stated:

“Under advice of counsel, I respectfully decline to answer under basis of my constitutional rights and privileges, including the Fifth Amendment.”

As a meningitis attorney who deals with this kind of defense tactic on a regular basis, although the tactic was within the law, the use of it indicates that Mr. Cadden most likely has much to hide.

With 430 people sickened with fungal meningitis, 32 deaths and multiple meningitis lawsuits mounting, Mr. Cadden’s remarks could have shed some light on a increasingly worrisome situation.

It was also reported yesterday from the Centers for Disease Control that another 10 patients have peripheral joint infections – primarily caused from steroid injections for either back or joint pain.

FDA Now Involved

The Food and Drug Administration is also involved in the case now as well.

In their recent investigation of the New England Compounding Center facility in Framingham, Massachusetts, the FDA found multiple sterility infractions in the facility. Some of those issues include bacterial infection, mold on walls and in “clean rooms” used for pharmaceutical preparation as well as numerous sterility infractions.

In facilities such as this, the pharmaceuticals are prepared in temperature-controlled clean rooms to maintain sterility. However, i the case of NECC, bacterial and mold infestation were rampant throughout the facility.

NECC was shut down for over a month due to these issues and the state of Massachusetts has revoked their license to do business.

Nearly 18,000 vials of tainted medicine have been recalled since the meningitis outbreak nearly two months ago.

However, with an estimated 14,000 patients thought to have received tainted injections, more meningitis cases and meningitis lawsuits are sure to be on the way.

Are Meningitis Outbreak Cases in Your State?

So far, Massachusetts has yet to report its first meningitis case, but Rhode Island has three so far, stunning lawmakers.

“I was stunned and angered to learn that an inspection of the NECC by the FDA and the Mass Board over 10 years ago identified contamination in the very same drug at issue in the current outbreak,” said Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich., who chaired the committee that oversaw the Congressional committee interviewing Cadden.

But the problem is more widespread as “compounding pharmacies” fall between an obscure regulatory crack between government oversight bodies.

In this fungal meningitis lawyer’s opinion, there will be more regulation coming in the coming months to close that regulatory gap and better protect the rights and the health of unwary consumers.

Get a Meningitis Lawyer If You Need One

With over 400 cases so far, the current meningitis outbreak continues to grow.

As we have stated in meningitis lawyer news before, lawsuits from meningitis patients have been piling up already begun to be filed.

So there are solid grounds for filing a personal injury claim should you or someone you know become a victim of the meningitis outbreak.

But make sure that you choose a fungal meningitis lawyer Who has experience and a track record in both medical malpractice as well as personal injury law related to meningitis and other kinds of dangerous outbreaks.

The meningitis lawyers at The Kevin P Landry Law Offices, have years of experience getting substantial claims settled for people who have been affected by outbreaks such as these.

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