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You may have thought that some of your actions would not affect your Providence truck accident case but they ended up doing the opposite. In law, there’s what we call a defined “code of conduct” which makes it easier for plaintiffs to know when they are harming their own case. We have therefore highlighted some of the mistakes that plaintiffs make that damage their own cases.

Mistakes to Avoid with your Providence Truck Accident Case

Seeking Revenge

Most clients file lawsuits to punish the person responsible for their injuries. It’s okay to feel angry and hurt but you should focus on getting fair compensation instead of going to court to seek vengeance.

Insurance companies can sometimes be very sneaky and annoying especially during negotiations. Insisting that you want your day in court so that you can teach them a lesson will just be a waste of your efforts. The insurance company won’t change the way it does business. Insurance companies make money by paying as little as they can to the plaintiff. So it shouldn’t surprise you that they are all about the money. In short, don’t let your emotions cloud your judgment.

Overvaluing Your Damages

This one is very obvious. Some people think that filing a lawsuit will automatically make them rich. This is not always the case and it should never be the agenda when filing a truck accident lawsuit. Be realistic when evaluating your damages.


Unless your doctor advices you not to go back to work, you should not stop working. Many people assume that if they stop working the value of their truck accident lawsuit will increase. You won’t be compensated for lost wages if you can still work but choose not to.

Even if you can only work a less physically demanding job, just do it. You will be compensated for the difference between what you used to earn before the accident and your future earnings.

Being Overconfident

Your lawyer might have told you that your case is very solid. However, this does not mean that you might not lose your case at trial. Going to trial comes with many risks such as an unpredictable jury. For instance, the jury might sympathize with the truck driver even if he was fully responsible for the accident. Hard to believe but it happens. The jury might also not like you.

A number of things can go wrong during your trial. Even though your lawyer might try to fix some of them through an appeal, you have to ask yourself if it’s really worth the hassle of going through it all. You really do not need to go to court even if your lawyer has built a strong case for you. You should only go to trial if you have to.

Pursuit of Pleasure

We recently wrote about how social media can damage your personal injury lawsuit. It’s very important for you to realize that as long as you still have a case pending, there will always be someone monitoring your activities. Some of the things you do might seem harmless but they might come back to harm you.

For instance, claiming in your truck accident lawsuit that you can no longer engage in strenuous physical activities due to your injuries, but you go ahead and post a picture of you hiking. The jury will have a hard time believing that your injuries are serious.

Comparing Your Lawsuit with Similar Ones

You probably know someone or have been referred to someone who has ever been in a truck accident and filed a lawsuit. From the positive stories you’ve heard, you hope that your lawsuit will bear the same fruits or better.

However, you shouldn’t allow the outcome of their cases to mislead you into thinking that you too will get what they got. First, no two lawsuits are ever the same. Second, the people who told you about how much they won in their lawsuits could be exaggerating.

You don’t need to tell your Providence truck accident lawyer that you know someone who won a certain amount in their lawsuit hoping that they will get you the same amount if not more. If your lawyer is reputable, he will want to get paid the highest amount possible. And this will only happen if they get you the most money possible.

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