Motorcycle Accident Attorney Cape Cod MA begins to daydream about the many places to visit on Cape Cod.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Cape Cod MA And The Sandwich Boardwalk Motorcycle Accident Attorney Cape Cod MA | The Sandwich Boardwalk Motorcycle Accident Attorney Cape Cod MA | The Sandwich Boardwalk Cape Cod Motorcycle Accident Attorney And The Sandwich BoardwalkCape Cod is a beautiful place and I consider myself lucky to be able to spend so much time here.

As a  motorcycle accident attorney Cape Cod MA trusts, I am very familiar with the back roads and out-of-the-way places that mark Cape Cod which make it the beautiful place it is.

There are many spots that I enjoy visiting, one of them being the Sandwich Boardwalk.

A Motorcycle Accident Attorney Cape Cod MA History Of The Boardwalk

I appreciate this location not only for it’s beauty but also for its history. Sprawling out over around 1350 feet, The Sandwich Boardwalk (some locals call it “Plank Walk””) is an attraction worth visiting. It was built in 1875 by a man named Gustavus Howland for only $500, imagine that! The Howland’s are famous for more than one project as Ellis Howland (the father of Gustavus) built the original Sandwich Town Hall.

But believe it or not, the construction of the boardwalk in 1875 was not the beginning of the story. There is historical evidence that a former boardwalk or footbridge, existed in 1835 over Mill Creek from Acorn Wharf to the beach.

It is said that visitors would come to this area during low tide on a quest for lobsters. But in 1874 a substantial northerly windstorm caused the ocean to break through and destroy the footbridge. This was the beginning of the Plank Walk’s story, and in early July of 1875, the new boardwalk was finished.

The Boardwalk After Hurricane Bob

The wooden structure was rebuilt several times over the years until 1991 when it was just about completely demolished during Hurricane Bob. But this wasn’t the bitter end, as one would expect. The community bounced back with a resourceful idea.

Boardwalk enthusiasts sold around 1700 planks with engraved messages to local businesses and raised enough money for the rebuilding. By 1992, a brand new boardwalk was finished and this local attraction would bring joy to Cape Cod families and tourists alike.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Cape Cod MA And The Boardwalk Today

Today, the Sandwich Boardwalk has been named one of National Geographic’s Top 10 Boardwalks in America. You will definitely be finding this Motorcycle Accident Attorney Cape Cod MA on the boardwalk this summer. The Boardwalk is one of Sandwich’s local gems, offering charming sights from the Cape Cod Canal to Scorton Creek. 

What are your favorite Cape Cod treasures? As I write this post I can’t help but think of you, my clients. This summer motorcyclists will come from all over to see the beauty that the Cape and New England offer. Remember to stay safe on your ventures, and to know where to call if you ever need help.

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