Trusted motorcycle accident attorney Cranston RI tells the story of the famous Sprague mansion in Cranston. 

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Cranston RI | Sprague Mansion Motorcycle Accident Attorney Cranston RI | Sprague Mansion Motorcycle Accident Attorney Cranston RI | Sprague Mansion Motorcycle Accident Attorney Cranston RI Sprague MansionTo be honest, I’m not sure If I believe in ghosts. But I have to admit; stories of haunted houses are mysterious and entertaining to me.

The story of The Spragues and Sprague mansion in Cranston RI is definitely a thriller and has served as a local legend.

The mansion could very well be haunted but regardless, it has a history that deserves to be shared.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Cranston RI | The Spragues & Cranston Print Works

The family that lived in the famous mansion has been talked about for years by anyone that knows Cranston. The Spragues owned Cranston Print WorKs. This company was at the top of an industrial revolution that spread from Maine to North Carolina. The company began when William Sprague made the decision to convert his gristmill into a small cotton mill in 1807. The mill was on the Pocasset River and it’s purpose was to card and spin yarn. Later, Sprague and his son William II added water-powered looms. As a motorcycle accident attorney Cranston RI I can tell these guys were very intelligent. Their large looms lowered production costs and increased output. The family was very successful and became the first ones to print calico and were pioneers in chemical bleaching.

Amasa And William II

After William Sprague died in 1836 his sons William II and Amasa took over his business. Both brothers were elected into the state legislature. However the two brothers chose different career paths.  William II continued with politics and later became a U.S. Representative, Governor and United States senator and Amasa was more concerned with his position in running the family business. But all of these plans came to a halt when Amasa was murdered on December 31, 1843 and William decided to resign from politics to manage the family business.

Paranormal Presence

The word of ghost experts and locals alike is that the Sprague Mansion is in fact very haunted.  When Amasa left the mansion to travel, he did not make it far and his body was discovered the next morning on the side of the road right by the mansion. There was a suspect who was hung but later found to be innocent. The actual murderer was never discovered. The ghostly presence still remains in Sprague Mansion. The ghost has been spotted several times as a man coming down the main staircase that appears to be Amasa Sprague and a passing chilly breeze in the wine cellar. As a motorcycle accident attorney Cranston RI I think some of the creepiest encounters include bedding being randomly yanked from beds even with people laying in them as well as phantom footsteps being heard. The Sprague mansion is full of paranormal activity and has become a paranormal investigators dream.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney | Sprague Mansion Today

Despite the haunted presence, Sprague Mansion is definitely a place to visit for many reasons. Whether you are in search of a thrilling adventure or are a history buff, you will see something interesting there. The Sprague’s were very influential and powerful in Rhode Island society and their estate is evidence of this. The mansion that has been called one of Americas most haunted is open for public tours. A motorcycle accident attorney Cranston RI can appreciate the historical society for maintaining the estate and welcoming its visitors. They even hold an annual Ghost Party around Halloween every year playing up on the mansions reputation.


Closing Comments

The Spragues may be known for their big house and the spirits dwelling inside, but I like to remember them as visionaries with great achievements. William Sprague came up with an innovative idea that changed the textile industry for good. His sons continued this legacy and took it even further by taking on careers in politics and becoming influential members of society.

With over 20 years of experience, I like to think I am creating a small legacy of my own.

I have been working with motorcycle accident victims for as long as I can remember, and I have been able to use the experience under my belt to help future clients.

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