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New Bedford MA Auto Accident Attorney New Bedford MA Auto Accident Attorney | Hiring Big or Small Firms? New Bedford MA Auto Accident Attorney | Hiring Big or Small Firms? New Bedford MA Auto Accident AttorneyCar accidents can happen at any time, so it is very important that you always equip yourself with the best legal representation. READ ON to see whether you should hire a big legal firm, or a smaller New Bedford MA auto accident attorney.

All over the state of Massachusetts, there are all different types of accidents that involve automobiles. The people that are involved with these automobile accidents have a decision to make after the incident takes place: they can either hire a big auto accident attorney firm to handle their personal injury case, or they can hire a smaller New Bedford MA auto accident attorney to handle their personal injury case.

The Difference between a Big New Bedford MA Auto Accident Attorney and a Smaller One

If you were someone who was involved in an auto accident in the New Bedford MA area, you have most likely already begun your search for a New Bedford MA auto accident attorney. As you do your investigative research into law firms in the Massachusetts area, you may begin to notice a lot of differences between the bigger firms and the smaller firms in the area. One major difference that researchers have been finding is that a lot of the bigger auto accident legal firms in Massachusetts have been collecting much smaller settlements from injury claims, especially in today’s economy. Due to these lower collection rates, some of the smaller legal firms in the New England area have been taking a huge hit as well, some of which eventually go out of business. (These smaller firms take big hits because they are more likely to fight for a client’s rights and never will settle for less than what you as a client need and deserve.)

The Role of Insurance Adjustors

Another reason for lower collection claims is the fact that a lot of the insurance adjustors (not just in the New England area, but all around the United States) have lowered the financial values of some of the bodily injuries a person can suffer in an automobile accident. When compared to settlements in the past, the financial values are significantly lower.

In other words, the more low settlements an insurance adjustor will receive, the lower the future settlement offers will be for an injury that is similar in nature.

Where to Go From Here

So, knowing the information that was stated above, the question now is, “Which type of New Bedford MA auto accident attorney should I go for? One at a small firm? Or a large firm? And which one will get me the most financial compensation for my injuries?”

What most people find is that smaller firms will do a better job at focusing on your case, which may potentially result in more money for you. You see, larger firms usually are burdened with a very large case load, meaning that you are never getting the sole attention needed to get everything that you need. Smaller firms have smaller case loads, which means that you will always be their main focus.

So… Big or Small?

Of course, the final decision is completely up to you and your family’s personal preference. Large firms have become big for a reason, and most of the time it is due to the fact that they have a rich history and a proven track record when it comes to personal injury claims and prosecution. That is all great, but you want to make sure that you are always putting yourself and your family in the best position to get as much money as possible for your pain and your suffering. Fortunately, there is a great New Bedford MA auto accident attorney that has a proven track record AND has the ability to focus on YOU and YOUR case thoroughly.

Contacting the Best New Bedford MA Auto Accident Attorney

If a loved one died because of another person’s negligence in an auto accident, then (as we mentioned multiple times before) you and your family may possibly be entitled to a financial compensation for your pain and suffering.

If this is the case, you need to make sure that you submit an accident report ASAP. This accident report will provide any and all specific details that are needed to get you and compensation that you deserve. This accident report should be submitted to the authorities within ten days of the accident. Waiting any longer may result in you losing potential money.

All personal injury accidents and deaths should be taken seriously, especially auto accidents that take away someone that you loved. If you are looking for a serious lawyer who will work day in and day out to help you get everything that you deserve, then you should contact The Kevin P Landry Law Offices and learn exactly what you are entitled to from an experienced New Bedford MA auto accident attorney.

The Kevin P Landry Law Offices

Kevin P. Landry and his team of experience associates will always handle your personal injury case on an exclusive basis, especially given their extensive knowledge in this area of law. The Kevin P Landry Law Offices has represented the victims of many different accidents in the Massachusetts and Rhode Island area for many years now, and they continue to stay committed to making sure that you receive the highest amount of financial compensation for your personal injury.

The Kevin P Landry Law Offices will fight for you in court, and out of court as well. It does not matter whether it is against your insurance company, or your landlord, or any corporate party that is responsible for your injury, this law office will fight for you from beginning until the very end.

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