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New Bedford slip and fall lawyer follows the footsteps of a local legend

new bedford slip and fall lawyer no mans land How a New Bedford Slip and Fall Lawyer Follows The Footsteps Of A WWI Legend How a New Bedford Slip and Fall Lawyer Follows The Footsteps Of A WWI Legend new bedford slip and fall lawyer no mans landKnown as “The Whaling City”, New Bedford has a long history as the former home of Herman Melville, Frederick Douglass as well as many of the members of the 54th Regiment which fought gallantly at Fort Wagner in the Civil War, among others.

Despite all that history New Bedford today is a nice quiet city centered in the Bristol County, Massachusetts.

As the home to over 95,000 residents, New Bedford was given its maritime moniker back in the 19th century when it was an important fishing port city. Fishing, manufacturing and healthcare dominate the city’s job fortunes today.

And although New Bedford was the home of some pretty famous historical figures, it was also home to a some who were lost to the annals of history – but no less important.

One of which was the far lesser known but equally valiant World War I hero, John DeValles.

Unsung New Bedford Resident John DeValles: His Story

Through the turbulent times of the whaling boom all the way to the Industrial Revolution, New Bedford has had a rich history – but all the while the city has maintained a small town feel and residents are welcoming and down to earth.

It is in New Bedford that you come across selfless and sacrificing residents such as DeValles who was a pastor of St. John the Baptist Church in New Bedford for over twenty years.

Born in 1879, DeValles volunteered to work as an Army Chaplain immediately after the breakout of the First World War – going to France years before the first American doughboy went over there to first fight “The Hun”.

DeValles  is famous for the personal sacrifices he made at great risk by rescuing wounded soldiers from the allies and their opponents – on many occasions venturing bravely into no-mans land to rescue dying soldiers.

In one famous story, DeValles was seriously injured by shrapnel while assisting a wounded soldier. He was found the following day unconscious and taken to hospital. The injuries did not slow him down as he escaped from the hospital in the dead of the night to return to the front to continue to treat friend and foe alike.

He continued with his heroic acts, putting his life on the line on a daily basis fighting disease, hunger, mud, mustard gas, rats and death all around him – not to mention German machine gun fire in the horrific trenches of Northern France.

Despite the hardships, he remained on the front until the end of the war – even well past the Armistice – in order to continue to treat and assist in any way be could. He finally returned to his native New Bedford in 1919, still suffering complications from which he would never fully recover.

He passed on a year later in 1920.

New Bedford Slip And Fall Lawyers and Your Own War

While going about your day-to-day activities in New Bedford, there is danger to be wary of. Although that danger may not come close to approaching the severity of the horrors witnessed in Wold War One, there is danger nonetheless.

In fact, one of the most common injuries one can sustain is a slip and fall injury. According the Centers for Disease Control a slip and fall is the number one way in which a person can be injured in the United States. It may be a slip on a wet floor, falling due to an icy walkway or tripping over a sidewalk divot or crack.

And if that slip and fall is not your fault, but due to the negligence of someone else, you need a New Bedford personal injury lawyer to help you stand up for your rights.

It is unfortunate when such an event happens to you. It can cause you great pain and loss of earnings as you lay in hospital – unable to work or live your life the way that you want to be able to.

And in many cases, if the other party’s insurance company denies responsibility for your injury, your hospital bills and lost wages can really start to add up.

Other Accidents Can Happen in New Bedford As Well…

There is also a chance of being injured by falling objects from buildings under construction in the city. With all the construction going on in New Bedford, this is entirely possible. Or perhaps you’re on the job site and are injured in a construction site accident in New Bedford. These injuries can be extremely severe and debilitating.

Just as likely is that you may suffer from the odd case of a dog bite, get in a major or minor car accident or even suffer a workplace injury in New Bedford.

Unfortunately John DeValles – who would have come to your aid if you were his contemporary – is no longer alive, only his legacy of helping the injured endures.

When in such a situation, it is time to contact The Offices of Kevin P. Landry – the personal injury and slip and fall attorney New Bedford residents trust most.

When you call us, our New Bedford slip and fall lawyers will come to your aid just like John DeValles did for both sides in World War One. We are in the business of helping and will come to your aid wherever you are to offer you professional advice on the best way to move forward with your case.

A Slip And Fall Lawyer New Bedford MA Trusts Most

The Kevin P Landry Law Offices has a track record of successful litigation on personal injury claims and will assist you get the best settlement or payment possible. We also specialize in slip and fall injuries like yours.

There are some key qualities to look for in a lawyer – and the most important one is integrity. As a New Bedford personal injury lawyer with over 22 years of experience, millions of dollars in settlements and a track record of integrity and success, when you place your case in our hands, we will win your case – and we will win it with integrity and a commitment to excellence.

Our formidable team of New Bedford slip and fall lawyers know that to win your case, we have to go to war. And although that war may not be like the Great War of 1914-1919, it is a war nonetheless. Its you against them and with us on your side, you will be victorious in the end – defeating “The Hun” of the party whose responsible for your injuries.

When Our New Bedford Slip and Fall Attorneys Can Help The Most

The first thing you must do after your fall is to seek medical attention.

The next step is to hire a New Bedford slip and fall attorney.

This is especially critical because when it comes to personal injury laws, you only have a specific amount of time in which to make your claim and begin legal proceedings.

More importantly, the longer you wait, the greater the chances that your case will weaken. And this reduces the amount of money you could get in your settlement.

Another reason why you should consult with your attorney as soon as possible is because your lawyer will often need to build your case. “Due diligence” from your New Bedford slip and fall attorney refers to a full investigation into the accident you were involved in.

And this takes some time to gather all the evidence to build your case until its rock solid.

So the longer you wait, the more challenging it is for our New Bedford slip and fall attorneys to build your case. We need to gather vital information and evidence gathered from the scene, review medical records and even speak to witnesses if needed.

And most importantly, all this work helps to increase the odds of you getting the settlement that’s rightly yours.

Leave It to The New Bedford Personal Injury Attorneys…

Did we mention you pay nothing for our services? We work on contingency, which means that we are only paid when you get a settlement. You pay no our-of-pocket expenses for our services whatsoever.

Don’t worry about dealing with “The Hun” – the insurance companies that don’t care about your well-being or the other lawyers who may seem overly intimidating – we will take care of it all for you.

However, one thing you need to do is if you’ve been injured, you cannot sit around and wait. Don’t delay and act fast and contact our personal injury law offices immediately.

Simply call us locally at our New Bedford personal injury law firm offices at 508-999-0800 conveniently located on 448 County Street B Suite or even easier, simply fill out our contact form.

At The Kevin P Landry Law Offices….we’re here to help you WIN your case.