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Are you having trouble with your Plymouth workers compensation claim? Don’t worry because we can give you useful tips that will help you ensure you get paid.

Workers compensation insurers don’t like making payments on claims any more than they have to. They are always looking for ways to reduce the amount they pay in claims. Employees who are injured at work are entitled to receive workers compensation until they are ready to get back to work. So to increase your chances of being compensated you need to follow these tips.

Get Medical Treatment as Soon as Possible

Always make it a point to visit your doctor following an accident. Insurance companies like assuming that people who wait to go to the hospital or don’t go at all aren’t seriously hurt. They might use this fact to reduce the amount of compensation you are supposed to get. Going to the doctor gets your injuries documented and consequently gets you the compensation that you deserve.

Accurately Fill Out the Accident Report Forms

Employers typically require employees to fill and sign accident reports. You are obligated to fill them out accurately. If your injuries or your illness prevents you from filling out the reports, wait until you feel much better and are in a position to fill them out.

Be Consistent in Your Statements

Your workers’ compensation claim will be denied if the insurer spots even the slightest inconsistency in your statements. If you give out different accounts of how your accident happened to different people involved in your case, the insurer will doubt whether you are telling the truth. Make sure your statements are correct and consistent.

Avoid Giving Recorded Statements to Insurers

Insurers will ask you to describe the accident and your injuries. We don’t recommend people to give out such statements to insurers without the help of an attorney. Don’t believe it when they tell you they need you to make a statement so that they can start processing your claim.

Sign a Limited Medical Authorization to the Insurer

You might be requested to sign a medical authorization form permitting the insurer to access your records. While you are not obligated to sign the medical authorization form, it still remains a reasonable request. The trick here is to limit the request so that the insurer can only access medical records and bills related to your work injury. Don’t sign any other medical authorizations without your Plymouth workers compensation lawyer present.

Report your Injury as Soon as Possible

According to workers compensation laws, you should report your accident in as little as 30 days or less. You won’t be denied workers compensation if you don’t report the injury as soon as it happens but waiting too long will decrease your chances of getting compensation.

Get Witness Information

Did anyone witness the events that led to your accident? Get their names. Witnesses are very important in workers compensation cases because they can prove you were actually injured at work and not somewhere else.

Don’t Miss Medical Appointments

Make sure that you go to all your medical appointments otherwise the insurance company will assume that you are not seriously hurt or you are healed. They will then start looking for ways to terminate your benefits. If you are not able to go to work because of your injuries, make a point of going to all your medical appointments.

Accurately Explain How You Got Hurt

It is up to you to accurately explain how you got hurt to your medical providers. You do not need to give a long story; a summary will do but make sure it clearly explains what happened. The simpler your story is, the easier it will be for your doctor to write it down accurately.

Same case applies when telling your employer what happened. Sometimes injuries don’t occur because of an accident. This is especially true for people who work in jobs that require repetitive motion or long hours. If you think being overworked is what caused your injuries, make sure you report that.

Talk to a Plymouth Workers Compensation Attorney

If you’ve followed all the tips mentioned here and the insurers are still denying your Plymouth workers compensation claim, it’s time for you to contact an attorney.

Our attorneys at Kevin P Landry law offices in Plymouth will help you clear things up or at the very least tell you if you have a case. Contact us by calling 508-746-2700 or by visiting our offices for a free initial consultation.