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Pawtucket car accident lawyer  is ready to cheer on the Pawtucket Red Sox at McCoy Stadium

Pawtucket Car Accident Lawyer Pawtucket Car Accident Lawyer Looks Forward To Baseball Pawtucket Car Accident Lawyer Looks Forward To Baseball Pawtucket Car Accident Lawyer

For New England sports fans, spring only means one thing… baseball.

With the Boston Red Sox season starting up and the rival matchups against the Yankees about to begin (although they are both picked to finish in last place by two different major sports magazines)…it may be too late for me to score tickets.

Plus, tickets to Fenway Park are so expensive.

But why drive all the way up there when I can attend exciting baseball games right here in Pawtucket, Rhode Island?

PawSox games at McCoy Stadium are a large part of the collection of reasons why I love this city. As a Pawtucket car accident lawyer, I can really appreciate sitting back in the stands, grabbing a cold beverage, enjoying some peanuts and relaxing for nine innings with the family.

History of McCoy Stadium

As you sit there locked into a PawSox game you may not realize the history behind the stadium you are visiting. The project to build McCoy Stadium began in 1938 and was championed by the current mayor at the time, Thomas P. McCoy. The stadium was officially completed in 1942 and dedicated to mayor McCoy in 1946.

The first team to play at McCoy was the Pawtucket Slaters, this Class B affiliate of the Boston Braves played for four seasons in the New England League as Braves affiliates. The stadium later hosted the Pawtucket Indians, an affiliate of the Cleveland Indians.

But it wasn’t until 1969 that the Boston Red Sox came to scout McCoy Stadium, and by April of 1970 the Sox had pulled their minor league affiliate out of Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

The team saw its fair share of ownership struggles but in 1977 Canadian businessman Ben Mondor resurrected the fallen franchise and it has thrived ever since. Mondor was a beloved member of the community that turned the ballpark and franchise into one of the most fan-friendly in all of professional baseball.

Pawtucket Car Accident Lawyer Shares a McCoy Stadium Tradition

Perhaps the most fun feature of the stadium is the layout of the dugouts. The dugouts are embedded into the wall underneath the stands, and the first row of seats is elevated eight feet above field level.

This has allowed for a unique fan friendly tradition at McCoy stadium.  Excited fans seeking autographs actually go “fishing” into the dugouts. By attaching scorebooks, baseball cards and other souvenirs to a hook and reel (or often a hollowed-out milk jug and rope) and lowering them into the dugout, fans can easily pull up their lines to find a newly autographed item by their favorite players.

This tradition has gone on for years and may be a little known secret for Pawtucket residents.

Notable Former PawSox Players

PawSox games are especially exciting for me to watch possible star players of tomorrow. Although the team isn’t a part of the major leagues, there have been countless PawSox players that went on the play in the MLB.

Well-known players like Roger Clemens, Manny Ramirez, Curt Schilling, Gabe Kapler, Jason Varitek, Kevin Youkilis, and Jacoby Ellsbury all played for the Pawtucket Sox. The fact that I could be watching the next Hall of Famer in the beginning stages of his career is pretty thrilling.

Pawtucket Car Accident Lawyer That Won’t Allow A Car Accident To Ruin Your Summer Fun

Personally, PawSox games are one of the things that just make my summer. But when that many people all gather in one place, tragedy does occur on occasion.

And as much fun as a PawSox games are, there is an unfortunate rise in car accidents and pedestrian accidents after Pawsox games. This is due to distracted driving, DUI or pedestrian fans being struck by cars leaving the McCoy Stadium parking lot.

If this happens to you or someone you know, immediately call or stop by our Pawtucket Personal Injury Law Offices at 100 Armistice Boulevard, Pawtucket so we can help you with your case.

Our Pawtucket car attorneys will be on your side and make sure you can get on with your summer without worrying about your case.

And also help you get back to the next PawSox game – while knowing full well that our Pawtucket RI car accident lawyers are helping you to win your case.

Get Medical Attention ASAP if You’ve Been Injured

In 2011, there were 67 fatalities and over 540 serious injuries due to auto accidents in Rhode Island. And many of those were in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

So if you are in a car accident in Pawtucket or any other part of Rhode Island and you are injured, get yourself to a hospital or to your doctor as soon as possible.

If you don’t go to the doctor or the Emergency Room following your auto accident, you could end up really hurting yourselfbecause what happens after the accident may really hurt you and your finances.

If you were at a possible game, and you are in a car accident and needed to file a claim for damages after your car accident, you must have the proper medical documentation for you to have any chance at winning your case.

If the other party is responsible – then your medical records following the accident are pivotal to winning your car accidents, personal injury case.

As long as you seek medical attention quickly, you will have what you need so your Pawtucket RI car accident lawyer can take it from there and help you to win your case.

Call a Pawtucket Car Accident Attorney

As soon as you’ve been treated, don’t make the mistake most people make and call your insurance company.

Instead call an RI car accident lawyer who can help you to get coverage for your injuries from either your insurance company or that of the guilty party.

Remember that insurance companies in Rhode Island don’t want to pay claims. They want to keep their money and not give you what you deserve in most cases.

Contact the Pawtucket car accident lawyers at Kevin P Landry Law Offices

We will protect your rights as a consumer and win your case. We’re here to help.