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An experienced Pawtucket RI motorcycle accident attorney reports on the changes that the city has implemented to become a more diverse and art-friendly community.

Pawtucket RI Motorcycle Accident Attorney | Pawtucket Art Initiative Pawtucket RI Motorcycle Accident Attorney | Pawtucket Art Initiative Pawtucket RI Motorcycle Accident Attorney | Pawtucket Art Initiative Pawtucket RI Motorcycle Accident Attorney Pawtucket Art InitiativeAs a Pawtucket RI motorcycle accident attorney, I know that this city is historically known for it’s contributions to the industrial revolution.

A man named Samuel Slater was the founder of our nations cotton industry and allowed cotton to be woven by water powered machinery instead of by hand.

But at the time that all of the attention seemed to be on cotton, something else was starting in Pawtucket.

But what this Pawtucket RI motorcycle accident attorney didn’t know was that around the same time as cotton was booming, artists began to come together in the community expressing their creativity with forging metal.

This creativity would sustain the machinery in Pawtucket for years to come.

The Arts in Pawtucket Today

Artists in Pawtucket have been able to share their skills even more so today and this Pawtucket RI motorcycle accident attorney has taken notice.

This city has attracted artists from all over to work and live here. And these aren’t just your every day artists. Famous and recognized artists including Regina A. Partridge, Steven Weinberg, Morris Nathanson, Gretchen Dow Simpson, and Howard Ben Tre, have all come to Pawtucket to launch their own studios in this welcoming city.

In the past 6 years hundreds of artists have joined the well-known and moved into the Pawtucket mills to work and start their own studios. With the recent art initiative in Pawtucket, our community has transitioned from a more blue-collar rooted city to the newest regional artist Mecca of Rhode Island.

Mayor Doyle of Pawtucket has been the largest supporter for the arts envisioning Pawtucket’s arts district as a way to drive the economy. With the amount of attention the city has received, Doyle’s vision is close to becoming reality reviving the city.

Pawtucket | An Artist’s Attraction

Pawtucket has utilized all of it’s assets in an effort to appeal to artists. By using Rhode Island’s income tax incentive program we have done just that.

In 1998 a Pawtucket city official went to the General Assembly and lobbied for the creation of a three hundred and seven acre district with sixty streets and twenty-three mills.

Legislation would give artists working or living in the district the ability to collect state income tax benefits or the waiver of sales tax on one-of-a-kind artwork sold. As a Pawtucket RI motorcycle accident attorney I knew that the creation of the arts district would really get the ball rolling.

Additionally, Pawtucket was able to draw in artists with affordable rental space. You can find studio space for about $5 per square foot for rent in Pawtucket and that includes heat. That is much less than any comparable space for rent in Boston.

Pawtucket continues to create artist friendly assets to the community. I think it’s also important to mention that the school department has even opened the first statewide arts high school in Pawtucket, providing an educational opportunity for students seeking an arts education.

Pawtucket RI Motorcycle Accident Attorney | The Transformation

Being a Pawtucket RI motorcycle accident attorney I have witnessed a town that has truly transformed and diversified by welcoming the arts. By taking advantage of the opportunities we have, it is now a nationally recognized artist community.

The city is now the home to several art groups. The Stone Soup Coffee House, the Sandra Feinstein Gamm Theatre, the Foundry Artist Group and Mixed Magin theatre, and the All Children’s Theatre have all relocated to Pawtucket. Not only that but The Pawtucket Arts Collaborative was recently established with over 150 artists in membership.

We can anticipate a lot of changes in the future that embrace the arts. Ann Galligan, a Northeastern University professor, has developed a cultural plan for the city that will provide Pawtucket with a blueprint for developing policy, programs, and services to support a thriving artist community. Morris Nathanson an internationally famous artist also plans to contribute his experience by heading a task force to implement Galligan’s report and recommendations.

Nathanson designed the restaurants in Euro-Disney as well and the Capitol Grill and Stanley’s in Central Falls. As a Pawtucket RI motorcycle accident attorney I feel strongly that the pairing of these two leaders is sure to increase the momentum with this movement.

 Pawtucket RI Motorcycle Accident Attorney | Closing Comments

Pawtucket has truly become a center for arts and culture. As a Pawtucket RI motorcycle accident attorney I think it’s great that this city has opened up another door to revitalize the community.  With an office in Pawtucket, I get to see these great changes happen constantly and look forward to what the future holds for Pawtucket.

As a Pawtucket businessman, I love to see my community thrive – but most importantly, I also love to help out members of the community who are in need.

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