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Shopping for the best personal injury attorney Warwick RI residents trust most is a bit harder than shopping at the Warwick Mall…

how to shop for the best personal injury attorney warwick ri How to Shop for The Best Personal Injury Attorney Warwick RI Residents Trust Most How to Shop for The Best Personal Injury Attorney Warwick RI Residents Trust Most How to Shop for The Best Personal Injury Attorney Warwick RIThere’s not a person I know that doesn’t enjoy at least some kind of shopping.

There’s certain types of shopping I just can’t stand however.

Waiting for my wife to try on new dresses at Macy’s is absolute torture for me…

But get me in a Dick’s Sporting Goods or one of those old-time hardware stores and you might need wild horses to drag me out of one of those.

As the home of  The Warwick Mall – Rhode Island’s largest mall with over 1,000,000 square feet of retail space and more than 80 stores, Warwick residents sure know how to shop.

Shopping is in their blood…literally and figuratively. In fact, the city of Warwick was founded by a “shopping spree” of sorts.

No , it wasn’t like the purchase of that brand-new iPhone 5 or the new designer jeans you just picked up over at the Gap.

The purchase of Warwick was a bit larger.

Warwick Shopping and The Founding of Rhode Island

Warwick was founded by Samuel Gorton in 1642 when an Indian chief accepted compensation in exchange for the land.

This was known as “The Shawhommett Purchase”. Indian chief Sachem Miantonomi accepted what is now known as Coventry and West Warwick. The purchase was disputed by two other chiefs in the area who claims that Miantonomi sold the land now known as Warwick without their permission.

The two chiefs were so upset that they actually went all the way up to Boston to plead their case. A ruling was made to place their whole lands under Massachusetts rule.

In early 1643, the government of Massachusetts sent militia forces to arrest Gorton, as well as his followers.

Gorton did not give up without a fight however. They did finally surrender to the Massachusetts militia after a prolonged battle, but this caused the towns of Providence, Portsmouth and Newport great dismay.

These three towns decided to unite and join a royal charter that would eventually form the colony of Rhode Island and Providence plantations.

Its what we now know today as Rhode Island.

Who knew that a little shopping spree would lead to the formation of an entire state?

Questions to Ask When Shopping for The Best Personal Injury Attorney Warwick RI

Shopping for anything – be it purchasing a few towns from a Native American chief, getting that perfect smart phone (Galaxy 4 or iPhone 5) or shopping for the best personal injury attorney Warwick RI trusts most – may seem simple…but its not.

Especially when it comes to a shopping for a personal injury lawyer, there are a few things you should ask them such as:

  • What is your contingency fee?
  • What will I be responsible for cost-wise if we lose?
  • What kind of track record have you had trying and settling personal injury cases before?
  • Do you think my case will go to trial? And if it does, when?
  • What do you think my case is worth?
  • Are you going to be the personal injury attorney who will represent me or will I be assigned to another personal injury lawyer?
  • What are my responsibilities?
  • Why should I hire you over other personal injury attorneys?

These are just a few of the questions that you should ask a Warwick personal injury lawyer while you are shopping. If the answers that you receive are not sufficient, then keep shopping.

Because when you have a personal injury case and are injured, you can’t afford to get anything less than the very best personal injury attorney Warwick residents rely on.

Finding The Best Personal Injury Attorney Warwick RI Residents Can Trust

If you’ve been hurt due to the negligence of another person, group or company, you need the best personal injury attorney available.

If the injury is through the actions or negligence of someone else, you may very well have permanent and irreversible injuries – not to mention you’ll be flooded with medical bills. You need an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you file your personal injury claim in order to get the compensation you deserve.

The Kevin P Landry Law Offices aims to provide excellent service for those who have been injured through the actions of a third party. So if this describes you, then you are entitled to file a claim.

Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney Warwick RI

Rhode Island law allows people to file for personal injury claims on their own. And you can certainly do this.

It is possible to work on your own case – people have done it on their own – however, it’s very difficult to do. If you want to be sure that you are taking the right steps filing your claim and completing the legal process involved, its best to leave it to the professionals. Hire a Warwick personal injury attorney who both knows Rhode Island law and has a track record of successful settlements.

In a personal injury case, there are a number of documents and paperwork that have to be presented to best represent your case. And if you make a small mistake, you might even be accused of fraud.

Also bear in mind that if you go it alone, insurance companies are more likely to give you the minimum payout. Whereas with a good personal injury attorney, the payout will likely be far greater.

How to Shop For a Warwick Personal Injury Attorney

Looking for a personal injury attorney Warwick RI residents can rely on does involve some work on your part. Many people think that the key is to look for an attorney with the best education. But, the real key to finding the right lawyer is by reviewing their track record of success.

Its simple: shop only for experienced PI attorneys who have worked on cases similar to your own. A personal injury attorney should know what to do in any type of personal injury situation – but make sure he or she has worked on your kind of claim.

And also, if your claim is not settled through litigation, you need to choose a Warwick personal injury attorney who can represent you in court and aggressively advocate on your behalf.

Shopping for one who has a successful track record in court – should it get to that point – is a huge plus.

When to Look For a Personal Injury Lawyer

Like we said before, if you or a loved one has been victimized through the wrongful actions of another person or party, you are eligible to file a claim. Some examples of personal injury cases may include:

  • Car or truck accidents
  • Accidents at work
  • Medical or dental accidents
  • Tripping accidents
  • Slip and falls
  • Occupational stress
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Dog attacks
  • Wrongful death

Learn more about how to file a claim by contacting the Warwick personal injury lawyers at The Kevin P Landry Law Offices. Consult with a personal injury attorney Warwick RI residents can trust.

We Serve All The Villages in Warwick RI

We can come to you or you can come to us – no matter what village in Warwick you live in:

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We are here to help.

If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury in Rhode Island or in Warwick be sure to contact us. You’ll speak to someone who understands your case, and knows how to navigate the Rhode Island court systems – and win your case.