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Wareham personal injury lawyer discusses the history of Wareham, Massachusetts…

personal injury lawyer wareham ma The Connection Between Route 25 and Personal Injury Lawyer Wareham MA The Connection Between Route 25 and Personal Injury Lawyer Wareham MA personal injury lawye rwareham maWareham is simply one of the most interesting towns in Massachusetts.

Known as “The Gateway to Cape Cod” – that moniker has changed considerably over the past 20 years.

And although Wareham is still a beautiful place to live, work and raise a family, highways and traffic have dramatically changed how the people of Wareham live, work and think of themselves ever since a radical highway construction dramatically changed their fortunes.

We discuss it here.

The History of Wareham, Massachusetts

The dramatic changes in the fortunes of Wareham, all began with the construction of Route 25 east of the town – a construction that was delayed for nearly 3 decades did a property disputes, environmental concerns and extreme resistance from local business owners in the Buzzards Bay area of Bourne, MA.

For decades, Wareham had in fact, been the gateway to Cape Cod – and as the only way to travel from West of Boston to Cape Cod, the route took every traveler going to Cape Cod from this direction straight through Wareham on Cranberry Highway. Cranberry Highway was and still is a Boulevard chock full of commerce, hotels and every sort of Cape Cod related knickknack known to mankind.

During these glory years, Wareham prospered immensely – especially in the summertime, where local businesses capitalized on the tourist dollar from the abundant drive-by traffic.

Route 25 Changes It All…

Construction of Route 25 east of Wareham, radically changed the fortunes of Wareham – and did so nearly overnight. This highway was to connect the born bridge from route 495, the less illuminating traffic through Wareham itself.

As could be expected, local Wareham business groups were vehemently opposed to this proposal.

There were lengthy lawsuits and delays on the construction of this new highway, which would divert traffic from Wareham to a nondescript highway outside of town – edging Wareham out of the economic prosperity it had enjoyed for decades.

In particular, farmers were concerned that salt runoff from winter ice removal would harm cranberry harvests. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, the Massachusetts Department of Public Works, lobbied and developed numerous proposals to contain the storm water runoff that would eventually result from the highway and could cause potential damage to the nearby cranberry crops.

The freeway connection was further delayed due to an even larger property dispute by Hope Ingersoll, who owned a 900 acre farm on Bournedale Road in Bourne, Massachusetts.

The Department of Public Works in Massachusetts wanted to construct Route 25 through the center of Mrs. Ingersoll’s land – but she hired a group of engineers to propose an alternative routing, which she eventually won.

In 1989, the mass DPW was forced to pay Ingersoll $2.6 million for 90 acres of farmland which they seized during the highway’s construction.

One through 25 at been installed…unfortunately, Wareham suffered economically. The reduction in drive-by traffic adversely affected the core of Wareham’s hospitality and tourist business.

Because of the Massachusetts Department of Public Works and Mrs. Ingersoll, there is not a whole lot Wareham could do. Wareham had to just had to roll with the times.

Because the times...they were a changin’…

Best Personal Injury Lawyer Wareham MA and You

If you’ve suffered a personal injury due to another person’s negligence – whether you’re the victim of a slip and fall on someone else’s property, a car accident where you were not at fault or a case of medical malpractice, unlike the businesses affected by the re-routing of Route 25, you do in fact have options.

And those options include enlisting the services of a personal injury lawyer Wareham residents know will fight for you and for your rights – no matter how down and out you may feel.

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Wareham Massachusetts…The Revival

After the re-routing of Route 25, Wareham figured out how to survive without the tourist dollar. Did many businesses go under? Yes, many did.

But many others reinvented themselves and not only survived, but prospered…

In the 2000’s. Wareham got a Wal-Mart near the center of town and many businesses flourished as a result – helping to further rebound Wareham from the changes that had occurred in the years before. Wareham realized it could sustain itself on its own – without the infusion of tourist dollars (although those customers are still certainly vital to their local Wareham businesses in the summertime).

Wareham realized it could in fact, survive on its own without the help of the drive-by traffic which sustained it for so many a year… a true testament to the resiliency of the people of Wareham.

So Who Is the Best Personal Injury Lawyer Wareham MA?

Wareham reinvented itself after the diversion of a major highway by each Wareham resident helping each other out and bringing commerce to the town by doing it on its own.

It was the people of Wareham that brought the town back…by helping each other.

In fact, whenever you are down for a while – no matter how you are, you need a helping hand.

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