Slips and falls can happen at any moment. If you are injured in this type of accident, you should contact at Plymouth MA slip and fall attorney immediately. Read on for more information…

Plymouth MA slip and fall attorney Plymouth MA Slip and Fall Attorney | Injuries at Work Plymouth MA Slip and Fall Attorney | Injuries at Work Plymouth MA slip and fall attorneyIn the world, there are a lot of major incidents that can happen while you are at work. You can be hit with something by accident, you can become the victim of a faulty office product, or you can even be emotional injured through mental work abuse. But one thing that many people seem to overlook are slips and fall incidents that can happen during the course of your work day.

For example, you may be walking down the hallway and you may slip on a wet floor, or you may sit down in a defective office chair and fall, causing a bodily injury and embarrassment. No matter where you work, or where you do a majority of your business, the owner or owners of the property in which you are working on have the responsibility of making sure that every nook and every cranny of their premises is as safe as possible. In addition to making sure that it is safe for you as an employee, they must also make sure that it is safe for all of their customers and all of their building’s visitors as well.

If you find that your place of employment is not doing a good job of taking preventative measures to avoid harmful hazards that may cause a potential slip and/or fall accident, then this is definitely negligence on behalf of the property owner. This negligence can cause an accident, and if you live in the Plymouth, Massachusetts area and you are the victim of such an occurrence, then you should contact a Plymouth MA slip and fall attorney immediately.

Plymouth MA Slip and Fall Attorney Offers Serious Representation for Serious Injuries

A slip and fall accident, especially if it occurs at your place of employment, is no joking matter. And because this is no joking matter, you need to make sure that you side yourself with an attorney that has no time for games or charades. If you are somebody who has suffered serious physical or emotional injuries during a slip and fall incident at work, then you should contact a Plymouth MA slip and fall attorney as soon as possible.

These person injury experts will fight for you and guide you every single step of the way, from beginning to end. Not only will they fight for you in the courtroom, but they will fight for you outside of the courtroom as well, especially when it comes to dealing with those insurance companies that do not have your best interest in mind.

Slip and Fall Causes

Pretty much anything can cause a slip and fall at your place of employment, and these incidents can come with serious physical and mental repercussions. According to the NSC, the National Safety Council, slip and fall incidents at work are actually quite common over the past ten years.

Also, according to the National Safety Council, over 16,000 people die every year after suffering complications from a slip and fall incident. Think of it this way, it is like a Boeing 737 filled with people crashing every week each year and killing all of its passengers and crew members.

Crazy and scary, right?

Here are some common slip and fall causes that Plymouth MA slip and fall attorneys see in the courtroom:

  • Slippery floors, icy sidewalk conditions, and snow.
  • Damaged pathways or uneven walkways due to lack of maintenance.
  • Inadequate lighting.
  • Unsafe conditions at construction sites, especially regarding non-construction workers.

If you have suffered from any of these slip and fall incidents, you need to get the right representation as soon as possible. Contact a Plymouth MA slip and fall attorney for information as to you should proceed.

Plymouth MA Slip and Fall Attorney – Kevin P. Landry is at Your Side

It does not matter whether you were involved in a slip and fall incident, or any other type of incident in which you or a loved one were injured, if you are in the Massachusetts area, you should always contact a Plymouth MA slip and fall attorney, as they will do everything and anything to make sure that you always get the best settlement.

If you or a loved one is involved in any type of personal injury case, it is something that should definitely be taken seriously. Hospital bills can begin to stack up, there is countless amounts of insurance paperwork that you have to fill out, and to top it all off, you are still suffering through emotional pain and physical pain. If this is the situation that you are currently in, or if you want to avoid this type of situation, contact The Kevin P Landry Law Offices, as they will thoroughly investigate your case, and make sure that you get the settlement that you truly deserve.

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