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plymouth motorcycle accident attorney Plymouth Motorcycle Accident Attorney: Common Myths About Motorcycle Safety Plymouth Motorcycle Accident Attorney: Common Myths About Motorcycle Safety motorcycle safety

Intuitive explanations, urban legends and popular misconceptions all contribute to some of the popular myths about motorcycle safety. We’ve heard some of these misconceptions so often that we think they are actually true, more so if we keep hearing them from people whose expertise we respect. The problem with believing these misconceptions is that it increases your risks of getting into a motorcycle accident. Some of these myths have been discussed here.

Myths About Motorcycle Safety

1. Loud Pipes Save Lives

Many motorcycle riders believe that the louder their pipes are, the more chances they have of preventing an accident because everyone on the road will notice them.

This myth originated from the biking world and has garnered a lot of supporters who are mostly custom aftermarket exhaust pipe manufacturers and riders.

This might make drivers notice you but all that noise doesn’t do much to help prevent a car from turning in front of you. Many drivers get exhausted by the noise or they get annoyed by it and become aggressive.

Whatever the case, research reveals that bikes with stock pipes cause less accidents than bikes with loud exhaust systems. If you want to prevent motorcycle crashes, you should turn to bright helmets and jackets.

2. A Skilled Rider Can Handle Any Situation

Even the sharpest and most skilled motorcyclist will not be up to the task when a car suddenly pulls in front of them or makes a sudden turn. Believing that your superb riding skills will prevent accidents from happening to you is a pipe dream. No matter how skilled you are, it’s better to ride defensively and avoid situations that could turn ugly.

3. Lay Down The Bike When You Are About To Crash

Laying down the bike to avoid an accident is a very blunt decision considering that a skilled rider has plenty of other options they could use to save them from a nasty crash.

Older riders or those who have been riding for a long time will tell you that the best way to increase motorcycle safety is to stay away from dangerous situations. This involves checking the weather to ensure it is safe to ride, checking the road for debris, sand, potholes, etc.

You should, however, let the bike go if you are headed towards a pile of burning cars, off a cliff or into any sinister situation.

4. Race Tires Will Make Your Motorcycle Go Faster

Road tires are different from race tires. They are designed differently and have different properties and components. Chances are very high you are going to fall off your bike if you get a set of race tires for your motorcycle.  It’s nearly impossible to obtain a set of race tires that are up to proper race temperature on the highway. Stick to road tires if you want to stay safe on the road.

5. Police Speed Radars Can’t Detect You Because Your Motorcycle Is Smaller Than Cars

Just because your motorcycle is smaller than a car doesn’t mean that police speed radars won’t detect you. Police today carry high tech lasers that are more accurate than the ones they used to carry in the previous years.

In fact, they are believed to be so high-tech they can register the speed of a flying insect. Therefore, just because you are speeding on your motorcycle, doesn’t mean that you will avoid a speeding ticket.

6. You Can Go Faster If You Have Traction Control On A Motorcycle

This is both a myth and a fact. If you have not yet mastered riding skills, then you might not know what traction control does. If you are an experienced racer, then chances are very high that you know traction control will slow you down. If you are in between these two groups, you can use traction as a safety net.

7. Riders Wear Leather To Look Cool

While this could be partially true, leather happens to be one of the best materials to protect a rider from the pavement.

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