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Providence RI Motorcycle accident attorney weighs on The Stop Motorcycle Funding Act

 Providence RI Motorcycle accident attorney weighs in on The Stop Motorcycle Funding Act

Providence RI Motorcycle Accident Attorney | Motorcycle Checkpoint Act Providence RI Motorcycle accident attorney Providence RI Motorcycle accident attorney weighs on The Stop Motorcycle Funding Act Providence RI Motorcycle Accident Attorney Motorcycle Checkpoint Act

Have you ever come across a motorcycle-only checkpoint on the highway?

It would be a bit surprising if you haven’t.

If you have, have you ever wondered why do we have these checkpoints in the first place?

Well, in the same way that law enforcement officials use checkpoints to catch drunk drivers and violators of seat belt laws, they are now being used to ensure that motorcyclists are also following safety laws like wearing a helmet or having a valid driver’s license.

Many riders believe that these checkpoints are both discriminatory and completely unnecessary.

If you are opposed to these checkpoints, then there is some good news for you – a new bill could possibly put an end to these checkpoints altogether.

And use the money instead in a more practical way, towards motorcycle crash prevention…which as we know in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, is sorely needed.

Providence RI Motorcycle Accident Attorney And Rider’s Frustration

You may not realize it – and although the best intentions were in place when the checkpoints went into effect, but these checkpoints aren’t exactly fair.

In fact, many motorcyclists feel that motorcycle-only checkpoints violate their rights.

These check points were first introduced in New York in 2007 and within that first year New York police conducted seventeen checkpoints and inspected over 5,000 vehicles.

When checkpoints were introduced in New York, The Rhode Island Motorcycle Association already knew it wasn’t a good thing for motorcycle riders in New England, stating:

“What is the effect of this ruling for bikers and motorcyclists in New England? In my opinion, increased confidence for law enforcement and anti-motorcycle groups with a stake in local and state government for the development and implementation of similar programs. Once in effect, the burden would shift to us to mount our own legal challenge”

But today several states have made attempts to ban these checkpoints as a violation of civil rights including Virginia, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Illinois, and California.

There has also been legislation to get rid of these checkpoints in Missouri and New Jersey as well.

Rhode Island hasn’t quite jumped on the bandwagon yet, but we could soon be seeing some changes. It is apparent that the tables have turned with the introduction of the recent bill, “The Stop Motorcycle Checkpoint Funding Act”.

 The Stop Motorcycle Checkpoint Funding Act

Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner officially introduced the bill to congress on May 6th that is currently cosponsored by ten republicans. Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin filed the bill that would prohibit the Department Of Transportation from offering funds to state and local authorities for motorcycle only checkpoints.

The Stop Motorcycle Checkpoint Funding Act also aims to focus motorcycle safety efforts less on national helmet mandates and more on crash prevention programs. These programs would be beneficial by decreasing injuries and fatalities caused by motorcycle accidents. Sensenbrenner was quoted as saying:

 “This small change will make a significant impact because it highlights that preventing accidents is the best way to save motorcyclists’ lives,”

Sensenbrenner also says that the bill will allow for more effective crash prevention and “will stop the DOT from manipulating State policies with federal money”.

As a Providence RI motorcycle accident attorney I feel that this bill could provide for a bright future for motorcyclists.

In fact, the American Motorcyclist Association has been tracking these checkpoints since they began in New York and is also on board saying that funding used for checkpoints and helmet law enforcement “would be more practically spent on rider education programs as well as motorist awareness campaigns.”

What Can You Do?

Although the bill already has ten cosponsors, it will need many more sponsors to be pass. If you want to get involved, you should contact your current member of the House of Representatives and ask them to be a cosponsor of this important legislation.

It may also be beneficial to become active in your local groups such as The Rhode Island Motorcycle Association that focuses on motorcyclist’s rights on a more local level.

As a Providence RI motorcycle accident attorney I encourage you to take part in this movement that will keep you and other riders safe.

A Providence RI Motorcycle Attorney Who Understands Motorcylces

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