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There are many reasons why you can choose to fire your Providence slip and fall lawyers. Below are some of the common scenarios that can make you fire your slip and fall lawyer.

providence slip and fall lawyers When Should You Fire Your Providence Slip And Fall Lawyers? When Should You Fire Your Providence Slip And Fall Lawyers? ID 100240446p andIf you have a slip and fall injury case and you are wondering if you should hire another lawyer, you need to ask yourself the reason behind your move. A lot of situations can lead to problems between Providence slip and fall lawyers and their clients. Here are some few examples

  • The lawyer’s competence is questionable
  • The client has a poor relationship with the lawyer
  • There isn’t sufficient communication between the lawyer and the client (unreturned calls, unreplied emails, unanswered phone calls, etc)
  • The lawyer’s judgment and ethics are questionable or you no longer feel like you can trust the lawyer.

Let’s take a look at these scenarios separately.

Reasons You Can Fire Providence Slip And Fall Lawyers

The Lawyer‘s Competence Is Questionable

A slip and fall lawyer’s job is to get you compensation for your injuries so if their competence is questionable, this could literally be a million dollar problem. If your lawyer isn’t competent enough to handle your case, you should definitely look for another lawyer immediately.

The big question, however, is how do you figure out if your lawyer is competent especially if law is not your area of specialty? It’s very hard to evaluate someone’s competency in a field you know almost nothing about. Calling other slip and fall lawyers to ask them for a second opinion might be out of the question because most of them will want the case to themselves.

This means that how you judge a lawyer’s competence has to be objective. The first thing that you should do is ask your lawyer to meet you face to face to address your concerns. A competent, experienced and confident lawyer will always make time to meet a client. If you notice that your lawyer is consistently avoiding you, then they probably have a guilty conscience.

A lawyer who has nothing to hide won’t hesitate to give you a copy of your file. If they have something to hide, they will make it seem like you do not have a right to view your own file.

Finally, common sense and your own judgment call can help you identify if there are any problems with your current Providence slip and fall accident lawyer. Does your lawyer seem lost or they are not confident in what they are doing? Use your common sense to make a judgment call.

You Have A Poor Relationship With Your Lawyer

First of all, you should know that Providence slip and lawyers are not necessarily going to hold your hand or become your best friend but this does not mean that they should be cold. Most slip and fall lawyers are warm and friendly but a few are cold.

However, if you do not need a lawyer to hold your hand and you are confident that the one you have is doing a good job, then maybe in this case you can keep them. This can be good for you if you just want a professional relationship. But if you are looking for someone who is warm and friendly, then you should consider finding another lawyer.

Your Lawyer Does Not Communicate With You

If you are unable to get in touch with your slip and fall lawyer, then this could indicate a huge problem. It could be that the law firm is understaffed, your lawyer has his hands full with too many cases or the staff and the lawyer at the firm is incompetent. If your lawyer fails to return your calls, emails or even show up to meetings, that is usually a sign that you should find another lawyer.

You No Longer Trust Your Lawyer

If you find you’re constantly questioning your lawyer’s judgment then it’s time to find another lawyer.

Hiring A Providence Slip And Fall Lawyer

Finding a good Providence slip and fall lawyer who is trustworthy, keeps lines of communication open, forms good relationships with their clients and is competent can be a daunting task. Thankfully, you do not need to look any further. We have 18 offices located in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. You can be guaranteed that you will find a slip and fall lawyer who is experienced and dedicated to serving you during your time of need.

To get in touch with any of our lawyers, dial (800)-200-7752 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free initial consultation.

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