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If you have been rear-ended at a red light or stop sign, can you file a lawsuit against the offender? The answer might just surprise you. A Plymouth car accident lawyer can give you plenty of information on the situation.

What’s worse than being rear-ended in a car accident is knowing that it happened at a stop sign or at a red light. Not only can the accident be an annoying fender-bender but it can result in serious injuries. Sometimes the situation can become complicated very fast when you realize that the car that hit you may not even be responsible for the crash-it could be a chain reaction of crashes. So can you still file a lawsuit if you get rear-ended at a stop sign or red light?

Rear-end collisions are not trivial but they are common. You may know a number of people who have been involved in a rear-end accident while at a stop sign and most of them may be lucky enough to walk away without a scratch. You, on the other hand, may not be as lucky. Most of the damage to your car may be visible but there may be other unseen damages such as unseen damage to the frame, damage to the rear and front windshields and to the locking mechanisms.

Assuming you have insurance, your insurance cover may not cover all damages related to your accident. For instance, it may only be able to cover your vehicle repair but it may not be able to cover your medical bills.

Rear-end collisions may cause injuries such as neck and head injuries. Now, these injuries may not present themselves instantly but they may cost you thousands of dollars to treat the minute they manifest themselves. The good news is that even if your insurance cover doesn’t cover everything, you can still recover damages if you file a lawsuit.

What If The Car That Hit You Did Not Cause The Accident?

As mentioned earlier, the car that rear-ended you at the stop light may not be responsible for hitting you-it could be a multi-car accident. If you intend to sue for damages, you need to name all the drivers involved in the crash. It’s the only way you can collect compensation for both medical and car damages.

Joint And Several Liability

A Plymouth car accident lawyer can tell you if you can sue the driver of the car directly behind you for the accident even if they weren’t the cause of the accident. The joint and several liability law allows you to collect compensation from the one person or the entire group of people who were involved in your accident.

Since rear-end crashes can involve more than one person, more than one insurance company and even underinsured drivers, you will need to talk to a car accident lawyer in Plymouth so that they can tell you what to do.

Who Pays For A Multi-car Pile Up?

Determining who is responsible for a multi-car pile up can be an incredibly difficult challenge. Assigning responsibility for a multiple car pileup is a huge area of contention. You’ve got ten different stories, ten drivers and ten cars. Who should be held liable for damages?

Rules of the road and negligence laws are used to decide who should be held responsible for a pile up. Who started off the chain reaction in the first place? What was the condition of the driver and the other drivers when the chain reaction was set off? Were the other drivers distracted, were they driving too close, what was the weather condition?

Massachusetts applies comparative negligence laws which mean each driver will be assigned a portion of the overall blame. They will be obligated to pay for their share of the blame.

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