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In personal injury law, you need law partners you can rely upon. Here is a list of other websites and legal partners we work with to assist our personal injury law clients as well as refer business to:

Attorney Resources and Colleagues


About the Group Law Partners Group

The Law Partners Group at The Kevin P Landry Law Offices helps expand your legal network, allowing you to meet and make contacts with colleagues at various types of gatherings. Our goals in providing you these resources are:

  • To will help you meet other attorneys in our referral group. The clients you refer to us will be given excellent service, and all you are required to do to be entitled to a referral fee is to remain available to the client for consultation. Of course, if you want to be more involved we welcome it.
  • We work hard not only on the cases, but also in keeping our referral attorneys informed.

Build A Mutually Beneficial Referral Relationship With Us