How to Find a Rhode Island Product Liability Lawyers or Massachusetts Defective Product Attorneys

Rhode Island Product Liability Lawyer What Is a Product Liability Lawyer? What Is a Product Liability Lawyer? product liability lawyerWhen you purchase a product for yourself, your children or a loved one, you assume that product is safe. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Some manufacturers don’t clearly state instructions or explain the risks involved with using their either unwittingly or knowingly placing you and your loved ones in harm’s way. If this happens to you, Massachusetts or Rhode Island product liability lawyers can help.

Sometimes products malfunction because they were not designed to be as safe as they should be. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure the everyday use of their goods does not end in a product injury.

You purchase products with the intent of improving your lifestyle and for the health and happiness of your family and loved ones, not to make your life more difficult or unbearable because of a product injury.

This is where “product liability law” – which is a close relative of personal injury law – comes into play.

What Is a “Product Liability Lawyer”?

“Product liability” is a term used by attorneys who invoke the law that allows people injured by a dangerous product or in many cases a medicine or a medical device to hold the parties involved in the manufacture or sale of the product or drug legally responsible for the injuries inflicted.

As Massachusetts product liability and Rhode Island product liability attorneys, we investigate Massachusetts product liability and Rhode Island product liability legal claims.

Many of these kinds of claims include:

  • Automotive Product Liability: This may include truck rollovers, car defects, including the Toyota Unintended Acceleration and Ford Explorer litigation to name a few
  • Medical Device Product Liability: This kind of liability is relating to defective defibrillators, stents, and implants like the DuPuy ASR hip recall
  • Pharmaceutical Product Liability: Many include the recent meningitis outbreak all the way to dangerous drugs and pharmaceuticals like Effexor, Fosamax, Gardasil, Levaquim, Lexapro, Botox, Topamax and Meridia
  • Asbestos Fiber Manufacturers: Many of these may include damages caused by Mesothelioma

Contact a MA or Rhode Island Product Liability Lawyer If Needed

Product liability injuries are right in the headlines today in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

With three meningitis cases in Rhode Island, product liability issues are becoming larger and larger as time goes on. the current meningitis outbreak is growing each day. This means that more victims will be identified over the course of the coming months.

As we have stated in meningitis lawyer news before, legitimate product liability lawsuits are coming fast and furious for this outbreak, but unforeseen complications with secondary meningitis infections coming as well.

So there are solid grounds for filing a personal injury claim should you or someone you know become a victim of the meningitis outbreak.

But make sure that you choose a product liability lawyer who has experience and a track record in both medical malpractice as well as personal injury law.

The MA and RI product liability lawyers at The Kevin P Landry Law Offices, have years of experience getting substantial claims settled for people who have been injured due to products unsuited for human usage.

If this is you, contact our office to see if we can help you.