A Rhode Island workers compensation lawyer takes you through the 10 most common injuries at the workplace and how employees and employers can prevent them from happening.

Rhode Island Workers Compensation Lawyer | 10 Common Injuries At The Workplace Rhode Island Workers Compensation Lawyer | 10 Common Injuries At The Workplace Rhode Island Workers Compensation Lawyer | 10 Common Injuries At The Workplace construction site accident 650Injuries at the workplace happen all the time, keeping us Rhode Island workers compensation lawyers very busy.

The employees who are more vulnerable to injury are the ones working in dangerous environments like factories or construction sites.

But the most common types of injuries are the ones that we don’t consider dangerous right off the bat. Here are some of the most common and disabling workplace injuries given by the Workplace Safety Index.

Rhode Island Workers Compensation Lawyer |The 10 Most Common Workplace Injuries


  1. Overexertion. This can involve injuries caused by lifting, pulling, pushing, throwing, and carrying duties. Overexertion has consistently ranked as the number one workplace injury among statistics and surveys and as a Rhode Island workers compensation lawyer I see these types of injuries all the time.
  2. Falling. This involves fall on wet or slippery office floors. Other examples of this are falls and slips especially for elderly folks on snow-covered walkways at work.
  3. Falling Down A Level. This kind of fall happens from an elevated area like a ladder, stairway, or roof.
  4. Slip Or Trip. These injuries are caused by slipping or tripping but not falling.
  5. Hit By Item. These injuries occur when objects fall from shelves or are dropped by another person. They can be very serious.
  6. Running Into An Item. These injuries occur when a person accidentally runs into a hard object like a wall, door, window, table, etc.
  7. Highway Accident. Car accidents are extremely common and many of these involve people who are traveling for work purposes.
  8. Caught In Or Compressed By. These injuries commonly occur in a workplace where machinery is used. At times there is very little precaution in the usage of these machines and the operators are at risk.
  9. Repetitive Motions. This form of injury in the workplace is not as obvious as the others. This happens when a worker is performing a repetitive motion like typing or operating a computer 24/7. This can really put strain on tendons and muscles and cause back injury or pain, problems with vision, and carpal tunnel.
  10. Assault Or Violent Acts. Not everyone always gets along perfectly in the workplace and disagreements at work often lead to fighting and physical injury.

Rhode Island Workers Compensation Lawyer| Preventing Work Related Injuries

There is a lot that employees and employers can do to prevent these common injuries at the workplace. The first is a thorough planning of the office or area of work from the equipment to the location or tables and chairs, to the warning signs for dangerous machinery or equipment.

Use engineering control systems, work materials can minimize awkward positioning, strenuous handling, and repetitive motion injuries. Make sure that your manuals on the proper use of certain work tools are always updated and strictly enforced with your employees.

A lot of managements include fitness and exercise programs to avoid overexertion injuries.

And lastly, if you are an employee, always realize that it goes a long way to be extra careful.

Closing Comments

A Rhode Island workers compensation lawyer understands that the laws that are made to protect people who are injured at work are often very hard to understand. We also know that often times people who are responsible for an employees injury try to get around these laws.

But we are here to help you and are ready to fight to preserve your rights.

Don’t allow your insurance company to ignore your needs and leave you out in the cold.

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