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Many people love to watch riders perform stunts on motorcycles. It’s a fun but very dangerous sport.

perform stunts on motorcycles What's The Safest Way To Perform Stunts On Motorcycles? What's The Safest Way To Perform Stunts On Motorcycles? perform stunts on motorcyclesStunt riding or motorcycle stunt riding is a sport that involves a lot of acrobatic maneuvering of the rider as well as the motorcycle. Common tricks in stunt riding include burnouts, stoppies and wheelies. Sport bikes such as the Harley Davidson Sportster line of motorcycles have been commonly used in performing motorcycle stunts.

Stunters have become a very controversial topic of discussion in the motorcycle riding culture. Stunters have been known to perform stunts on private venues and in public roads. In the movies and in even in reality shows, they are portrayed as tough guys and they get all the women.

The Safest Way To Perform Stunts On Motorcycles

First, stunts require a lot of practice to perfect and even then, a lot of things can go wrong. There are so many variables to take care of so if you are thinking of performing a stunt on your motorcycle you should know that an accident can happen and it could be fatal.

With that in mind, there are many ways that stunters modify their bikes to make them safe for stunt riding.

1. Frame Sliders

The motorcycle’s frame is protected by large knobs that prevent the fairing from getting damaged when you lay the bike down. If you are starting out as a stunter, you shouldn’t substitute frame sliders with a cage.

Frame sliders will only reduce the damage to the plastics but it may not prevent the bikes frame, motor cases or other parts from cracking.

2. Crash Cages

Cages offer more protection as compared to frame sliders and they are a more popular way of providing safety when performing stunts on motorcycles. Cages come in a vast array of designs and styles. The style of the cage that you choose should suit your specific type of motorcycle. A cage should be the first thing on your list when starting out as a stunter.

3. Subcages

These are very similar to crash cages but they offer a different type of protection. Subcages protect your motorcycle’s subframe. Some subcage applications can eliminate the stock passenger pegs and move them to a different part.

4. Front upper stay

It substitutes the upper stay of the motorcycle which holds the gauges and fairing in place. It’s meant to protect the front of the bike just like the cage and the subcage. It also increases the bike’s stability for the front end. Keep in mind that this will not protect the bike’s front fairing from damage.

5. Hand Brake

The hand brake has gained popularity over the recent years mostly because motorcycle stunting has pushed riders to perform tricks where they cannot reach the bike’s rear brake. When tricks such as spreaders, highchairs and standers came onto the scene, they involved the use of a hand mounted rear brake but nowadays stunters can use a hand brake.

6. Round Bar

Riders prefer to increase the technicality of circle combinations rather than do bar tricks which could explain why round bars are becoming more and more popular. The round bar is simply a variation of the 12 bar and it hugs the contour of the motorcycle’s tail section.

7. 12 Bars

These bars are attached to the subframe of the motorcycle and are meant to scrape the ground instead of the tail section or the exhaust. A rider can perform all sorts of tricks while the bike is resting on the bar itself. Some of the tricks riders can perform on motorcycles include the watch tower and ape hanger.

Hiring A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, it’s advisable that you don’t seek compensation from the insurance company on your own. This is because as much as the insurance company may make you feel like they are on your side, their main aim to pay you as little as they can.

Our Massachusetts and Rhode Island motorcycle accident lawyers deal with injured parties often and most of the time it’s not their fault that the accident happened. For a stunter like you, the accident could have happened due to a defective part on the motorcycle.

We can help you build a case and get awarded compensation. Contact us today at (800)200-7752 or fill out our contact form for a free initial consultation.