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Did you know that there are currently 1.2million lawyers in the United States? As of 2015, there were 4, 224 attorneys in Rhode Island. They all vary greatly in their skills, commitment to clients, experience and willingness to aggressively litigate a case. Unlike other fields like medicine, attorneys don’t need to go for a residency program, go for internships or acquire any mandatory state certifications. Once they obtain a license to practice law, they can market themselves as Providence personal injury attorneys even if they do not have experience.

Most attorneys specialize in specific areas. An attorney who specializes in everything does not have the necessary skills you are looking for in an attorney. The kind of attorney that you want to be working on your case should have the following characteristics:

  1. Knowledge of the Law

The law is dynamic. This means that it is always changing. A new supreme court ruling can change an entire filed of law. The most successful personal injury lawyers in Providence always keep themselves updated with the latest statutory changes. They also regularly attend legal education seminars and are always active in bar associations related to their fields.

It’s very easy to tell if a lawyer is knowledgeable based on how they respond to your questions or how they discuss your case. They will tell you how the law applies to your case instead of giving you vague promises.

  1. Knowledge of the Medical Industry

Your personal injury lawyer, for obvious reasons, isn’t qualified to give you medical advice but they should be very knowledgeable about the topics they litigate. They make it a point to know the estimated costs of your treatment, prognosis, diagnostic criteria, etc.

A personal injury lawyer who is well versed with the medical field is a great asset to your case especially during cross examination during trial. If you want to find out if your lawyer has any knowledge about your particular injuries, you should listen closely to the kind of questions that they ask you. The questions should at the very least highlight your pain and suffering.

  1. They Should be Experienced

We are not talking about having years and years of experience here. You can find a personal injury lawyer who has twenty years of experience handling medical malpractice cases but none of their cases have ever been successful. On the other hand, you might find  lawyer who has five years of experience and they have won every single case that they have touched. In short, your main aim should be to find a lawyer who has previous trial experience handling cases similar to yours.

  1. Honesty

The main purpose of hiring a lawyer is to win your case. If your case isn’t solid enough, an honest personal injury lawyer should be able to tell you the truth. He should be able to break bad news and pointing out the weak areas of your case. They should also be able to tell you if your demeanor may hurt your case and how you can improve on it.

  1. They Should be Committed to Your Case

You need a lawyer who is both sympathetic and empathetic. He should be able to take your pain and suffering seriously and actually see a real value in your case. It should not just be about the money as is the case with settlement mill lawyers.

  1. They Should be Respected in Their Field

The best way to tell for sure if a lawyer is respected in his field of expertise is to talk to other lawyers. Find out how well your personal injury lawyer gets along with other lawyers. Do his colleagues respect him and does he respect them? Always look for a lawyer who can work with anyone.

  1. They Should Have Excellent Trial and Negotiation Skills

Negotiation skills start from the basics. Does the lawyer have a good relationship with opposing counsel and do they effectively communicate with you? Your lawyer needs to have excellent social skills and the ability to tell a convincing story. If they do not have these skills, you might end up losing your case in court.

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