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If you have been in a serious car accident, the last thing you want is to have your case handled by a settlement mill.

What Is A Settlement Mill?

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A settlement mill is a law firm that has adopted a practice model that’s popular among “tort reformers”. In simple terms, it’s a law firm that resolves personal injury cases in a predictable and consistent manner because of its relationship with insurance companies.

They typically collaborate with insurance companies to determine how much different cases are worth. So if you take your personal injury case to them, they will try to resolve it quickly and cheaply.

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Why Do They Exist?

Settlement mills are in this business for making money and not for protecting their clients’ interests. Insurance companies love settlement mills because they get to pay less on claims and the settlement mill takes home a nice percentage of the settlement amount. It’s a win-win situation except for you it’s a justice-denied situation.

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How Can You Spot A Settlement Mill Lawyer?

It’s not so easy to differentiate a settlement mill lawyer from a traditional Hyannis personal injury lawyer. But there are certain traits to look out for in their law firm:

  1. They advertise aggressively

Their target market is the unsophisticated accident victim. You’ll see their misleading messages on TV, billboards and hear them on radio.

  1. They use a lot of specialized software

Settlement mills need specialized software to help them handle the large volumes of cases that come their way. They use this software to organize the cases and ultimately save time. In fact, most of these settlement mills rely on this sophisticated software to do most of the work for them.

  1. You don’t talk directly to your lawyer

The people who’ll be handling your case will be paralegals or administrative assistants. And since the settlement mill is an avenue for making money at the expense of their clients, they take on way too many cases. So your lawyer will have little or no time to pick your calls let alone have a one-on-one with you.

And when you finally talk to your personal injury lawyer, even if it is over the phone, you have to remind them who you are and give them a brief about what your case is all about. This is because they are buried in so much work they don’t take the time to know who their clients are or pay keen attention to their cases.

  1. Tiered contingency agreement

Under a tiered contingency agreement, the fees your lawyer charges you increases once your case goes to trial. So if they ask for a tiered contingency agreement, simply walk away.

Why You Should Hire A Traditional Hyannis Personal Injury Lawyer

Settlement mills have no doubt ruined the reputation of personal injury lawyers who are honestly interested in the best interest of their clients.

But now that you know how to spot a settlement mill, you shouldn’t hesitate to hire a Hyannis personal injury lawyer because there are plenty of law firms out there willing to help you get through your predicament.

At the Kevin P. Landry. P.C law offices, we charge a contingency fee, meaning we only get paid if you get paid. We don’t take on huge volumes of personal injury cases only for us to make our paralegals or administrative assistants handle them.

We pay keen attention to all our cases. We usually give our clients a detailed explanation of all the legal options they have so that they can make their own decisions. We don’t force them to settle or accept something they don’t deserve.

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