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This Warwick RI Motorcycle Accident Attorney has a few words of advice for motorcyclists before they hit the roads after a long winter.

Warwick RI Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Warwick RI Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Spring Safety Tips Warwick RI Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Spring Safety Tips Warwick RI Motorcycle Accident AttorneysThe longer days and warmer temperatures of April are signaling the start of motorcycle season.

As a Warwick RI motorcycle accident lawyer,  this is a good time to remind bikers of the importance of getting good bike training as well as wearing the proper safety gear to stay safe.

As a driver, this is also the time to be more alert and aware of motorcyclists who share the road with us all.

True,  a large number of motorcycle accidents are caused by the motorcycle operator themselves.  Of course, anything you don’t do for a few months – like riding your motorcycle in the winter – will lead to those skills diminishing.

Many motorcyclists understand this and this is why its a good idea to consider taking a refresher rider course after the long winter.

Sometimes,  the skills that are required in order to ride a motorcycle safely and effectively can be easily forgotten – which is why a refresher course is oftentimes a good idea.

But motorcycle riders are not the only ones to blame when it comes to accidents.

For drivers, we need to realize that there are in fact, motorcycles on the road. We must constantly be aware of our surroundings while driving. Car drivers must look twice for riders especially at intersections or when turning and changing lanes because motorcycles can easily disappear into our blind spots.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Motorcycles Are Everywhere” – and they are. As a driver you must be aware at all times which is one of the reasons why distracted driving is so dangerous.

Lou Petrucci, president of the Rhode Island Motorcycle Association even says:

“These days, everyone seems to be in a hurry and there are so many distractions. I would ask that everyone – motorcycle and car drivers alike – slow down and pay attention to the road”

Words to live by when we are ALL sharing the road together.

The statistics don’t lie either. From 2006 through 2010, motorcycle fatalities in Rhode Island have fluctuated between a low of seven in 2008 to a high of 19 in 2009.

Non-helmet motorcycle fatalities are once again on the rise. Nine such fatalities were recorded in 2007, and only two in 2008. However, there were 12 in 2009, and the trend continued in 2010, with 11 of the 15 motorcycle fatalities involving drivers not wearing a helmet.

RI Motorcycle Accident Attorney’s Spring Preparations

For sure, all motorcycle riders look forward to the first Spring ride. It’s great to shake off the winter doldrums and get out on the open road.

But do it safely.

Make sure your bike is ready to go by checking all fluid levels, checking tire pressures and add in some fresh gas (get some dry gas too to save that carburetor).

The rest of your preparation for spring is all about your attitude and your state of mind though…

Your safety on the road is largely dependent on how alert you are while riding – so be aware and know what’s going on around you and give yourself enough space to safely navigate around dangers.

So from this Warwick RI motorcycle accident attorney to you…be safe and enjoy the 2013 motorcycle season!