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A trusted Woonsocket RI motorcycle accident lawyer reports on the bill in Nevada that would have permitted lane splitting in the state.

Woonsocket RI Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Woonsocket RI Motorcycle Accident Lawyer | The Lane Splitting Bill Woonsocket RI Motorcycle Accident Lawyer | The Lane Splitting Bill Woonsocket RI Motorcycle Accident LawyerThe motorcycle move called “lane splitting” is a maneuver involving a motorcycle driving between two cars or lanes.

You may have witnessed this before, but it’s illegal in all states but one.

California has unofficially permitted lane splitting for years by not having a law that states whether or not it is allowed.

There was also an attempt in Arizona – but it was vetoed in 2010.

As a Woonsocket RI motorcycle accident lawyer, it seems to me that in most states we all could agree that this is unsafe and should not be allowed.

But recently Nevada made an effort to permit lane splitting in their state.

What’s the right thing to do?

Woonsocket RI Motorcycle Accident Lawyer | The Lane Splitting Debate Supporting Argument

Lane splitting supporters reason that lane splitting minimizes the chances of motorcycles rear ending or being hit by a car and even more so during times of increased traffic.

Nevada’s bill was aimed to permit motorcycles to drive in the middle of two lanes of cars if they did not go over 30 mph and went no higher than 10 mph above the speed limit of traffic.

The Nevada assembly of lawmakers is highly democratic and the bill had a tremendously high approval rate last month. Large motorcycle groups have shown their support.

Some analysts claim that lane splitting would be helpful in situations where riders have to suddenly stop. There would be a greater distance in front of the rider when they stop short, preventing collisions.

Anti-Lane Splitting Views

Even with this analysis, there are strong opposing views. Others argue that lane splitting is unbelievably dangerous and is only distracting us from more important issues such as helmet laws.

As a Woonsocket RI motorcycle accident lawyer I have to admit that this seems like an unsafe idea.

The Governors Highway Safety Association voiced their concern. Spokesman Jonathan Adkins expressed his unease even more so with the recent report that showed motorcyclists making up 14.7% of all traffic deaths in 2012.

Unfortunately, this statistic is the highest it has ever been.

The Neutral Party

While California and Nevada were on their position, the rest of the nation is undecided. Many organizations did not announce their opinion. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, The AAA, and the American Motorcyclists Association said nothing.

The president of the Nevada Insurance Council said that his organization was not ready to state a position on the issue of lane splitting.

He said:

“I think for this bill to get support from the insurance industry this language would have to be clarified to spell out when and where motorcyclists can go in between vehicles”

As a Woonsocket RI motorcycle accident lawyer I understand why many insurance companies felt that there was not enough evidence to state a position.

Woonsocket RI Motorcycle Accident Lawyer | Safety Is In Your Hands

A great deal of riders safety is in their own hands. The California Highway Patrol posted it’s standards for lane splitting, asking motorcyclists perform lane splitting in a “Safe and prudent manner”.

As a Woonsocket RI motorcycle accident lawyer I feel that this is difficult because every rider has a different idea of safety. What a rider considers safe and prudent is dependent on their common sense and responsibility.

Despite the amount of support in Nevada, the bill died in the senate in late May.

Many countries in the world allow lane splitting, and Nevada would have been the first official state to allow it in the U.S. As a motorcycle accident lawyer Woonsocket RI, I feel that issues like this are too controversial and there was not enough statistical evidence to prove that it was a good idea.

What do you think? do you agree or disagree? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!