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Without the right Fall River personal injury lawyer to make sure your rights are protected, and you receive any and all benefits you’re entitled to, the road to recovery following a serious injury can be physically challenging, mentally exhausting and economically stressful. At Kevin P Landry Law Offices, our personal injury lawyer in Fall River is committed to fighting for injured people, because we understand the difficulties of life-changing injuries. With an extensive personal injury practice including 18 office locations, we’re prepared to handle a wide range of claims, from car accidents, severe dog bites, motorcycle accidents, product defects, auto defect injuries, and other serious or catastrophic injuries.

Practice Areas

Car accident —- Pedestrian accident —- Motorcycle accident —- Scarring —- Wrongful death —- Truck accident —- Medical Malpractice —- Bike accident —- Boat accident —- Nursing home abuse / neglect —- Slip & falls —- Work accident —- Product liability —- Serious injuries

Fall River Personal Injury Lawyer AttorneyFrom excessive pain to medical bills and lost wages, a single injury can have a monumental effect on your entire life and your family’s lives, all because of someone else’s poor decision. Serious injury claims can be complex legal matters, and the quality of your legal representation from your personal injury attorney can often have a direct impact on the quality of your results. At The Kevin P Landry Law Offices, we’ll work tirelessly to build the strongest case possible, by collaborating with seasoned experts and conducting in-depth investigations to fully understand the evidence. No matter the circumstances of an accident, we’re prepared to fight for you.

After suffering a accident, victims don’t deserve to be treated with indifference, especially from their own insurance companies, and will need an experienced Fall River personal injury lawyer. By taking tough and forceful legal action, The Kevin P Landry Law Offices help clients deal with the consequences of injuries caused by the negligence of others, by taking the burden off their shoulders, so you they can focus on their recovery. We will fight hard to make sure that you get the compensation you deserve. From your first phone call on, you’ll feel the passion our team has for taking care of you and winning your case. Call today for your free case analysis and consultation!


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    My name is Kevin P. Landry, and I am a personal injury attorney. I help people who are hurting, suffering or being taken advantage of. I also help families through unexpected deaths, and other traumatic events.

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