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It’s important to immediately seek the legal advice of a personal injury lawyer New Bedford MA if you or a loved one has been injured due to no fault of their own. The average personal injury victim doesn’t stand a chance against the large law firms hired by corporations and insurance companies. The greater the potential damages, the harder the defense will work to deny liability or limit compensation. At The Kevin P Landry Law Offices, our personal injury attorney works hard to help alleviate your stress, financial burdens, and your medical recovery. Our team of successful trial lawyers are committed to personal attention, fast action and aggressive representation.

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Car accident —- Pedestrian accident —- Motorcycle accident —- Scarring —- Wrongful death —- Truck accident —- Medical Malpractice —- Bike accident —- Boat accident —- Nursing home abuse / neglect —- Slip & falls —- Work accident —- Product liability —- Serious injuries

Personal Injury Lawyer New Bedford MA The emotional and physical toll of an injury can sometimes make an injury victim feel desperate and helpless, and will need a knowledgeable personal injury attorney to take care of their claim so they can recover in peace. When in need of a personal injury lawyer in New Bedford, The Kevin P Landry Law Offices help level the playing field for those who have suffered serious and catastrophic injuries. We handle a wide range of personal injury matters, from car accidents, wrongful death claims, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, boating accidents, and medical malpractice and slip and fall injuries. When your family is coping with the aftermath of a disabling accident or a loved one’s untimely death, you can count on Kevin P Landry Law Offices for guidance and a pursuit for full compensation. We take action to preserve critical evidence, talk to witnesses and safeguard your legal rights. Our personal injury lawyer New Bedford MA team of accomplished litigators are prepared to go all the way to trial, especially for life-changing injuries that create years or a lifetime of hardships. We show compassion for the victim, while providing personalized service to make you feel comfortable and safe. Call today for your free case analysis and consultation!

Our New Bedford personal injury lawyers know what will be needed to win your compensation claim. We will advise you of the information you can gather to help prove fault for the accident. We will get you a fair settlement…or you owe us nothing.

If you have been hurt or injured through no fault of your own, please contact one of our New Bedford attorneys today.  Call our New Bedford office at 508-999-0800 or fill out our contact form.

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