The best personal injury lawyer gives an explanation of what an expert witness is and how they can benefit your personal injury case.

Personal Injury Lawyer Explains The Benefits Of Expert WitnessesIn personal injury cases there are two very different sides to the story.

Not everyone can agree as to exactly what happened and who is at fault.

If you are involved in a case with significant injury, how do you prove it was the other party who was at fault?

The best way to prove yourself is with an expert witness. Most personal injury cases like car, boat, or motorcycle accidents use an expert witness.

Personal Injury Lawyer | Definition Of The Expert Witness

The expert witness has scientific, technical or very specialized knowledge and experience. Their knowledge is of a field associated with the issue that is being discussed in the court case.

You cannot testify in court as an expert witness without some knowledge, education or training. Although the expert witness was not at the scene of the accident, they can provide testimony on evidence.

They can do this because their knowledge ranks them as a specialist in the field that can examine and analyze matters of the case that others cannot.

The Role Of An Expert Witness

An expert witness serves the purpose of assisting the jury or judge in reaching a decision in court. The expert will go through an analysis, review and investigation, providing a professional opinion given the facts, evidence and other information.

The expert’s opinion may strengthen or challenge the other witness’s testimony. In many cases, a complicated litigation all comes down to the debate between the experts hired used by each side (it could be technical, medical, criminal, financial or any other type of professional).

Kinds Of Expert Witnesses Used

Expert witnesses come from a variation of backgrounds but they all have some knowledge that makes them an authority figure in the field. In most personal injury cases, the expert witness is from the medical field.

This way they are able to elaborate on the magnitude of the injuries, probable causes, treatment, timeline for recovery, prognosis, effects of the injury, and price of treatment.

Here are some of the commonly used expert witnesses in personal injury cases:

  • Doctors or medical professionals
  • Automotive, equipment, or mechanical engineers
  • Product Developers
  • Forensic Professionals
  • Psychiatrists or mental health professionals
  • Law Officers

Personal Injury Lawyer | The Limits Of An Expert Witness

There are some limitations for expert witnesses. The expert witness can only testify within the range their specific field.

The expert witness must also qualify in this field. To achieve qualifications in court the witness must go through the voir dire process.

Voir dire is a questioning by counsel who offers the expert’s testimony and then by the opposite counsel. The questioning is about training, education, and teaching.

If a witness qualifies under this process, they are considered an expert in that specific field for the purpose of litigation.

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